How the words people say reflect their personalities

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Personality, behaviour and words

Everything a person says or does reveals something about his personality. People's thoughts, beliefs and actions are perfectly aligned with each other in such a way that they all reveal the same things about the person.

Just like all ways lead to Rome everything a person does or thinks about can reveal a lot about his personality and psychological makeup.

The words a person use, even if they seemed to have no weight can, actually tell a great deal about his desires and insecurities. In this post i will tell you how to interpret the words people say in order to know more about their personalities.

How the words people say reflect their personalities

"Hey Dude, did you get shorter overnight?"

For the first instance this seems like a joke that has no meaning but when examining it from a different point of view you will realize that it means a lot. I have said earlier that our perception is strongly constrained by our concerns.

If you think about dogs all day, because you fear them, then you might confuse a cat for a dog. In other words we only notice what we care about the most. Now back to that simple joke, even though the person who said it meant nothing its clearly evident that he is concerned about his own physical height.

I am not saying that this person is concerned about physical height because of the phrase he said but rather because he noticed the difference in the physical height of his friend when he was wearing a different shoe.

This person could also be concerned about his physical appearance and could even be suffering from a low self confidence just because he is unsure of his looks.

Of course the analysis might be wrong as there are many other factors that should be taken into consideration but that was just a simple example to show you how you can know more about people by just analyzing their words. (see also Understanding people's personalities)

How the words people say reveal their insecurities

We were in the gym and two people who didn't knew each other were lifting different weighs while standing side by side. A third person who doesn't know both of them said in a low voice "You guys are standing too close to each other, take care not to get hurt"

The distance between the two guys wasn't that close to result in the accident that person imagined and this showed that his perception forced him to believe that the situation is more dangerous than its really is. (see also How perception affects behaviour)

Most probably that person is of the worrying type and because of his worries his perception exaggerates the probability of potential threats.

Most probably that's the type of person who will become paralyzed when he faces a major problems because of the negative scenarios that will come to his mind.

Whatever you say shows who you are

Each and every word a person says shows something about his deep needs and insecurities even if he had different intentions in mind when he said them.

A person might say a joke just to make his friends laugh but without realizing the words that he used can reveal a lot about his personality to the one who will analyze them.

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