The ultimate solution to end worrying

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Worrying is state of denial

This article is part two of the article How to end worrying and fear of the future in 5 minutes. In the previous article i explained how worrying can be nothing more than a state of denial of your own vulnerability and how you can end it by admitting that you are vulnerable.

In this article i will continue talking about the same concept to help you get rid of worrying. My advice is to check part one before you go on with that one so that you don't miss anything.

The ultimate solution to end worrying

Contrary to what you have heard before worrying can be eliminated by making sure that you are 100 percent prepared to face the worst case. Your mind worries when it thinks about the possibility of the occurrence of the worst case and if you are ready to face it then worrying won't happen.

If you don't think the worst case is tolerable then you will keep worrying often and here is why: No matter what your plan is or how well you are performing the results can never be guaranteed.

No plan on earth is guaranteed to be successful 100% and when your mind starts to have doubts about the plan it worries about the worst case.

Now what if you had a superb scenario for the worst case in case it happened?
What if you set a plan to handle the worst case that is as good as the main plan you wrote?

In such a case that worst case won't seem scary at all because even if it happened you will still be prepared. Those thoughts are enough to end worrying for good.

Is this a kind of giving up?

When some people hear about that solution they start to think that its a kind of giving up but that's totally wrong.

The basic idea is to be very flexible on your way to reach your goal. Lets suppose your goal was to get a good job and that you had an interview in a week. In such a case you should have two plans.

The first is your main plan which should include how you will do your best to get the job. The second is the plan you will apply in case you got rejected.

Now if you believe in both plans you will never worry. After all if you are already prepared to face the worst case then your mind wouldn't bother sending you worrying signals.

What if i am still worried

If you did that but you are still worried then most probably you don't have enough faith in your plans. Examine the plans, try to find out why you don't believe they can really work and when you manage to fix them your worrying will disappear in no time. (see also How to have faith in your plans)

Many people put very simple backup plans then start to worry about the outcome simply because they don't trust their plans much. The key to end worrying is to be prepared for the worst case with a plan that you believe in.

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