what to do when you feel like giving up

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Everything went wrong?

Did everything go wrong?
Do you feel that you can't handle the pressure anymore?
Do you think that there is no way out?

Let me tell you some good news. You are not alone. There is no successful person on earth who hasn't been through those moments and the reason you are thinking of giving up is that you never expected the road to success to look like that.

When Steve jobs talked about success he said that you will face situations where its almost insane to keep going forward. Only those who develop perseverance and learn how to keep going even if they don't feel like it are the ones who make it.

In other words, the pain, disappointment, setbacks and serious troubles you are facing now are unavoidable. Lets assume you gave up on whatever you are pursuing now then decided to go for something else. You will still face those same consequences again!

In order to be able to continue you need to understand that this is how the road to success looks like. You want something glorious and this is why you must pay the price.

My true story and how its related to you

Few years back when i started my own business i thought that everything was going to go as planned but the opposite happened. During the first few months i found no results.

I was working and getting nothing in return. Then after the summer period came things became worse. I used to check the numbers everyday and feel horrible. Add to this the negative comments i was getting from everybody.

After one year my partners decided to quit the business leaving me alone. I felt helpless, devastated and depressed.

I have been through days where i couldn't get out of bed because of the emotional pain i was feeling. I have been through days where i couldn't work or do anything because i was totally disappointed. I have thought about giving up so many times!

And one of those times was really serious to the extent that i wrote down the advantages and disadvantages of quitting on that day.

Sometimes my readers nowadays ask me how did i know all that about depression, Its not just because i was researching the topic but its also because i have lived it for months!

I was severely depressed with no hope of reaching my goals and the only reason i kept going forward is that i had no other option. I thought that If i quit on my business i won't have anything else to do so i kept going.

The good news

As i kept moving forward i started to learn more about the dynamics of the business i was running and so i was able to make some sales. Then after few more month i learned few more things that helped me increase the sales. Then after few more month the business started making me some money.

After sometime i was generating a good income from the business i was about to give up on. Then after another year the business took off fast and i happily quit my day job.

In the end the business became successful and its now my primary source of income (see my book How i did it).

What to do when you feel like giving up

So back to you, what to do when you feel like giving up?
Just know that things will always go this way if you want to be successful.
You will go through days where you will wish you never existed.
You will go through days where you might wish that you die.
You will go through days where you will think about giving up on your dreams and even life itself.

But if you kept moving forward you will eventually make it.
Have hope and keep going, this is how it works :)

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