Can we hear while we are asleep?

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

You don't hear but you can also learn!

A new study has found that we don't just hear what's going on during sleep but we can actually learn new things!

As strange as this sounds the study that was carried out has provided enough evidence that we can memorize new words while we are asleep. Two groups of people were brought and given some word pairs to memorize.

During the night a group was asked to sleep while the second group stayed awake. Both groups were then allowed to listen to the words they learned earlier then in the next morning both groups took a test.

And guess what? Those who heard the words again while they were asleep did better on the test than those who heard them while they are awake! This study doesn't just show that our ears do work while we are asleep but it actually shows that our memory functions keep working during sleep as well.

Do you sleep beside the TV?

Now the important question you should be asking yourself is: Do you sleep beside the TV?
Do you watch your favorite show then sleep without switching the television off?

According to the previous findings sleeping beside a switched on TV can actually program your mind with new beliefs while you are asleep. And the greatest danger lies in the fact that you have no control over what is being displayed on the TV.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that if you slept while watching your comedy show then a negative show came after that then it might program your mind to think negatively. This is why sleeping by the TV is a bad habit that you should avoid.

The positive side of this experiment is that positive suggestions can also be learned while you are asleep. If you have a tape of positive suggestions or effective affirmations then it would be a great idea to listen to it while you are asleep.

Because you will have control on the type of messages that would be in the tape you will make sure that nothing can go wrong.

Why negative messages are much more dangerous during sleep

While you are asleep your conscious filters don't function well and so filtering negative messages might not be possible.

In other words when you are awake you can consciously differentiate between a negative thought that is real and a one that is not correct but while you are asleep everything will go directly unfiltered to your subconscious mind.

In my previous article about affirmations i said that one of the best times to repeat them is right before you sleep because your conscious filters won't be that active but now that you know that you can learn while you are asleep the best time now is during sleep.

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