How can i avoid negative people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How negative people affect you

Each now and then someone tells me that he wants to avoid the negative people in his life. This decision is always a good one because getting exposed to negative people for long periods of time can turn you into a pessimistic negative thinker.

After all most of our beliefs are learned from the people we interact with. Even if we learned certain beliefs from different sources they can still be over written by the beliefs of the negative people we meet often.

Here is a simple example: Ever had an amazing business idea (a belief coming from within) then you lost faith in it after talking to some friends?

What happened here is that their negative beliefs wiped out your positive one. So after this introduction am pretty sure you now want to know how to avoid negative people.

But there is a small problem here. You can't actually avoid negative people!

Why you can't avoid negative people

There are three major problems that will prevent you from avoiding negative people, here they are:

  • 1) They are usually very close to you: Negative people might be your best friends, relatives or even parents. If you know a negative person whom you don't see often then avoiding him won't be much of a problem but how can you avoid someone you live with? Apparently you can't.
  • 2) Every person thinks negatively sometimes: Any person, even positive ones, will think negatively sometimes. Having a bad day, losing his job or facing any bad event can make any positive person speak negative words. In other words, there isn't a 100% positive or negative person because what people say depend greatly on their moods
  • 3) Negativity is everywhere: Negativity is everywhere. In the street, in the news and in many of the programs you watch or the movies you see. The world we live in has much more negativity than positivity

So how can you prevent the negativity the people you know are spreading from affecting you?

This is how to deal with negative people

Whether you like it or not you will get exposed to so many negative messages each day and the only way to prevent those messages from affecting you is to get exposed to an equivalent amount of positive messages.

If you had a positive belief and 5 negative people tried to prove it wrong then your belief won't get affected if 5 positive people tried to lift you up.

Now the problem is: positive people are rare, so how can you get an equivalent dose of positivity everyday?

The solution is optimist net!
Because we know that its hard to find positive people we created a social network that only allows positive and motivational posts. By joining that network you will be able to get the daily dose of positivity you need to counter the negativity you come across in your life.

If you didn't get exposed to some positivity after getting exposed to some negativity then your positive beliefs will weaken. In my previous articles i said that repetitions weakens the beliefs if no opposing statements were repeated.

In other words if some people told you that you will fail and no one told you that you will make it then your beliefs are very likely to become negative because nothing stopped those negative statements.

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