How to deal with dream stealers who discourage you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How it felt the last time someone tried to put you down?

When was the last time someone tried to put you down?
Remember people's responses when you told them about your great idea?
Did you notice how people attack whomever tries to do something different?

In my previous articles i said that people don't just feel comfortable when they stay in their own comfort zones but they feel comfortable when everybody around them stays in the same comfort zone too and this is why they put you down. They just don't want to feel left out!

Whether you like it or not the negative words people will tell you will affect your beliefs about your ideas and dreams. Unless you strengthen your beliefs again you will start to believe those people and you will give up.

So its very important to learn how to not get affected by those who put you down but how can this be done? Let me tell you a real story that will make that clear.

My True story

Here is what happened when i told people i am going to make money online by starting a blog called Those were some of the comments i got:

1- It's a stupid idea
2- People Don't like to read
3- make the site more interesting
4- focus on your career
5- you are wasting your time
6- there are so many blogs out there
7- nice but you won't be able to make money
8- Egyptians don't read (i live in Egypt)
9- get a good job
10- we will see (sarcasm)

you might think that i was like a super hero when i listened to those words but in fact there was a day where i was about to quit! it wasn't just because of the negative comments but it was i wasn't getting good results.

What happened later on

Because i held on to my dream (not because i was brilliant or a superman) the following happened few years later:

1- More than 1,000,000 page views per month
2- 50 products sold in 190 countries
3- I Became a millionaire
4- work covered by more than 10 TV channels
5- 2knowmyself became one of the most popular self help blogs on the web
6- more than 50,000,000 visits so far (See my book From 0 to 1 million dollars)

What the same people said

So what happened to those who criticized the idea and said that it was stupid?
here are some of their comments after i made it:

1- Oh its a brilliant idea
2- I was always a supporter
3- I always believed in you
4- How did you find that great idea!
5- How can i buy your money making book?
6- Can you help me start a website?

How to deal with dream stealers

Moral of the story?

1- Those who put you down say nonsense
2- They will change their opinion when you make it
3- They will try to copy the idea they previously said it was stupid when it works
4- They don't see your vision
5- They believe they are failures and as a result think that everyone should be
6- They don't want to be left out if you did something different
7- They think you are like them
8- They have false beliefs about the world
9- They are too scared to try something new
10-They just reflect what's happening to you. They say you will fail when you are struggling and they will clap their hands when you make it.

Do you still think their words have any weight?

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