Depression and false beliefs

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Motivation and beliefs

Depression is a state of mind and an unbearable emotion that makes everything look dull.
Before i explain the connection between depression and beliefs let me tell you first about few psychology facts that you need to know.

Do You know where motivation comes from?
Motivation happens when you believe you have the capability to do a certain task. The girl who believes that she can lose weight by going to the gym will certainly get motivated to exercise if she wanted to lose weight.

On the other hand if that girl believed that the gym will never work for her then she won't find any motivation to go. In other words, motivation is all about the beliefs you hold.

Now what if losing weight wasn't important for that girl, will she feel bad? of course no. She won't be motivated to exercise but she won't get affected much by that fact.

Depression and beliefs

Now what if the most important goal that girl wanted to achieve in life was to lose weight?
What if the man she loved told her that he won't marry her unless she loses weight?
And What if she believed there is no way to lose weight?

Certainly she will get depressed. In other words, depression comes from your beliefs as well just like motivation. The only difference between the two emotions is that depression happens when the beliefs are negative and when that thing you are trying to achieve is extremely important to you.

Yes its that simple and the main reason some people don't understand depression is that they don't really know about the important things they are trying to achieve. In this example it was a very obvious goal (losing weight) but in real life you might have certain important desires that you aren't aware of such as being in the center of attention, always coming first, being loved...etc

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that the best thing you can do to help yourself end depression is to fully understand yourself so that you become aware of your important desires.

How can you acquire the right beliefs and end depression

The good news i have for you is that just like you acquire negative beliefs you can also acquire positive ones by getting exposed to positive people often.

The more a positive statement is repeated in front of you by people that you trust the more likely will that statement turn into a belief. And as you might have already guessed depression will end instantly when you acquire the right positive beliefs.

Now the important question is, where is that place where someone can get exposed to positivity all the time?

Its Optimistnet The Social network for positivity and motivation. A place where you can follow positive people and get exposed to positive posts all the time.

In brief, Get the daily dose of positivity needed to change your negative beliefs and depression will end.

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