How to empower yourself instantly

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Where is power when you need it?

Did you feel like you should have gone back to reply to someone who was bullying you but just couldn’t get yourself to do it?

Did you need to speak in front of a live audience then thought you’d rather lose your job instead?!

Do you sometimes wish you can do a certain thing but are too scared to fail?
There are truly times when you need to empower yourself for a certain situation but can’t seem to get it. You have a plan in your mind and logically know what should be done, but still can’t seem to do it.

Many people though know how to do it well, even though they may not know exactly how they do it, but they apply it correctly and are able to put their minds in the right frame. While positive thinking is generally an important thing, it is still not enough because your mind needs real proofs to believe you.

Francesca Gino's story

Have successful people always been successful? If you think that some people are meant to be powerful and some just aren’t then you need to know the following story .Let’s have a closer look at what Francesca Gino did, an Associate Professor at Harvard.

Francesca is now considered by many a superstar. Listening to how she reached all this success one must think she was gifted and naturally empowered.

The truth is though; she went through several years of trying to get offers from different schools by going through interviews in top universities with no success.

All this changed in 2009 and she suddenly started getting many offers from different schools like of course Harvard, Wharton, Berkeley and New York Universities.
What happened?

This surely wasn’t by accident.
She decided to empower herself. In order to do that, she would sit down and write and reflect on a situation where she had power, every time before an interview.

But wait, am sure you tried all the "visualize what you want" and "think positively advice" yet got no results. How did she did it then?

How did this work so well?

Your subconscious mind has to believe you can do something in order for it to motivate you to do it. When your mind lacks belief in doing something, it will send you negative emotions instead to push you away from a situation it believes you will fail in.

This is why it is not just about speaking to yourself positively, it is more also about proving to your mind that you can do it. The second your mind believes you can do something, the more focus it will put into achieving it and the more it will help you reach it.

When Francesca put the effort to writing down a situation where she felt empowered she re-accessed her emotions of power from that time and proved to her mind that she can be powerful. In other words, she wasn't just repeating positive nonsense words but she was actually repeating what has really happened. (see also How to use words to motivate people)

Why do we feel afraid and worried

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that the main reason behind worrying is believing that you lack the needed skills to do a certain task.

A lot of the fear coming from a certain situation is due to lack of preparation for it. If you are not prepared, you are not very likely to get lucky and respond well. Most people procrastinate on this step and then blame their lack of power to the results of the situation. (see also The connection between procrastination and self deception)

Anyone in the world is able to get themselves empowered when they need to, it is all about practicing to do it correctly. All you need to do beforehand is to reflect on a time when you had power. Continuing to imagine several ones or even the same situation will activate your personal sense of power. (see also How to visualize what you want)

Every time you empower yourself before a situation you are increasing your chances of pulling it through and succeeding. Eventually, with several attempts that show big improvements your mind will have a solid belief that you can pull it through anytime and this alone will give you the sense of “automatic” empowerment you will need in any challenging situation.

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