panic attack symptoms in men and women

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

panic attack symptoms in men and women

Many People who suffer from panic attacks fail to live a normal life because of always being worried about getting a panic attack.

Some people even become agoraphobics, which is a phobia that forces the person to stay in home, just to escape from the possibility of getting a panic attack in public.

By understanding the symptoms of panic attacks dealing with it can become a little easier and that's why i listed those symptoms in this article.

The following is a list of both physical and psychological panic attack symptoms:

Physical panic attack symptoms

  • Fast heart beat
  • Sweating
  • Chest pain
  • hot or cold flashes
  • shaking
  • becoming dizzy
  • stomach distrurbance

Physiological panic attack symptoms

  • feelings intense and overwhelming fear
  • fear of suffocation
  • fear of dying
  • fear of going crazy

Dealing with panic attack

Panic attacks are not as dangerous as they sound. In fact people fear panic attacks because of the many false beliefs they have about them.

Some people think that they are going to die during a panic attack or that their heart is going to stop while in fact this can never happen.

By fixing the false beliefs a person has about a panic attack he will come one step closer towards dealing with it.

The below links will help you get more understanding of panic attacks and they will help you get over its symptoms.

Panic attacks and unconscious goals

Sometimes the panic attack disorder is no more than a plan set by the subconscious mind to help the person reach a certain goal!

Take for a example the wife who fears that her husband cheats on her. In such a case her subconscious mind might develops a plan to prevent her husband from leaving the house.

This plan could be letting her suffer from a panic attack so that the husband finds himself forced to stay at home! Of course not all wives who get panic attacks get them for that reason but this is just an example to show you how can your mind bring you a psychological disorder just to help you achieve another goal.

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