Dreaming that you are flying

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Dreaming of flying

Dreaming of flying is usually a positive sign. Dreaming of flying may mean that you are currently satisfied by your achievements to the extent that you think that you are flying above others.

If you found that you were able to control yourself while flying then this may mean that you are currently in control of your life conditions while if you found that you were trying hard to stay up then this may be an indication that you are facing some problems that are threatening your achievements.

The day i dreamed about flying

I started my internet business in 2006. Within few years my business became very successful and i became a dot com millionaire.

When i went to sleep one day in 2011 i saw myself picking up a stone from the ground then using it to fly above others. Sadly i woke up in the middle of the dream so i couldn't know more about it however here is the interpretation of the part i saw.

The stone which was an object that seemed to have no benefit helped me fly above others. This is perfectly inline with reality because a website that seemed useless one day made me a millionaire (helped me fly high).

Dreaming of flying in my case was an reflection of my opinion of my financial success.

Dreaming of flying and the desire for freedom

Dreaming of flying could also mean that you got liberated from something that has been bothering you. Usually at that dream you will feel that you can fly freely in any direction you want without facing something that hinders your movement.

That also is inline with the dream i saw. In January 2011 i left my day job because my internet business became very successful. That's why i saw myself flying in the dream. Flying in such a case also meant that i am no longer restricted by my office job.

Problems flying in a dream

If you saw yourself trying to fly in a dream but didn't manage to do it then this could either refer to your unconscious desire to become successful (to fly above others) or it could be an indication that your plans are being hindered somehow.

Once you understand that dreams are just messages you can use them to understand yourself even more and to solve your life problems.

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