Interpretation of common dreams

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Tips for interpreting common dreams

In each article related to dreams interpretation I repeat the same words, only you can interpret your dreams because you are the only person who can understand the true meaning behind your own symbols.

If for example you had a dream that your teeth were falling out after having a fight with some of your friends then this dream could mean that you are concerned about losing your friends. If you had that same dream while one of your relatives was ill then it could mean that you are worried about losing him.

When interpreting dreams you must put in mind that the situations that are currently affecting your life must put into consideration.

There are some symbols that could have the same meaning to almost everyone because of our shared backgrounds. For example dreaming that a ghost is chasing you is always an indication that you are running from a problem or afraid to face something in you life.

In the below links i will provide you with information about some of the common dreams and help you interpret them. In order to make the best use of this information try to record the most recent important events that happened to you along with the current issues that you are concerned about before you attempt to interpret your dreams.

Once you have those two variables try to interpret the dream in their context and see if it makes any sense to you.

Interpretation of recurring dreams

There is a theory that states that recurring dreams keep repeating themselves until you take an action to solve the problem that the dream is referring to.

For example if you always run from a certain problem then you might get a recurring dream that something is chasing you.

The recurring dream doesn't have to be the same exactly but its underlying concept remains the same. For example dreaming one day that a dog is chasing you then few days later dreaming that a ghost is chasing you might mean that both dreams are referring to the same exact problem.

Interpretation of common dreams

Below is a list of common dreams along with their interpretations. Click on the link to read more about the dream:

  • Dreaming about someone: The person you see in the dream might just be a symbol where as your subconscious mind could be trying to refer to a totally different person. You might also dream about the people you are interested in or the people you are concerned about. See What does it mean when you dream about someone
  • Dreaming of ghosts: Ghosts usually resemble life fears, concerns and worries. The dream could have a different meaning based on what you and the ghost were doing in the dream. See Dreaming of ghosts
  • Dreaming of being naked: Dreaming of being naked could be connected to feelings of shame. The dream however can have a different meaning based on how you were feeling inside the dream. See Dreaming of being naked
  • Dreaming that you are flying: Dreaming of flying can be a sign that you are optimistic about your future. It could also be a sign that you need more freedom. See Dreaming that you are flying
  • Dreaming about falling: Dreaming about falling can represent the concern of your subconscious mind about failing in any of your life areas. It could also mean that your subconscious mind believed that you already failed in something. See Dreaming that you are falling
  • Dreaming of being chased: If someone or something was running after you in a dream then this could mean that you are worried about something in real life. See also Dreaming of Being Chased
  • Dreaming of falling teeth: Falling teeth could resemble actual loss of power or fear of loss of power. See Dreaming that your teeth are falling
  • Dreaming that you failed a test: This dream could mean that you are concerned about failing in something or it could mean that you believe that you actually failed. See Dreaming of failing a test

Always compare the dream to the current life events

Even the same common dream can have a different meaning based on when you saw it. If for example you saw a ghost chasing you when you were at school then the dream could have a different meaning if you saw it while working.

In other words the meaning of the dream must always be analyzed in the terms of your current concerns and the life events that are currently taking place in your life.

Dreams, past and future

Many people believe that dreams can tell the future and while i believe that this is possible in some rare cases still the majority of dreams are just reflections of what have already happened in your life.

Many times i get mails from people who are worried because they saw certain dreams and after i talk to them i discover that they saw something that already happened.

The reason i am saying this is that i don't want you to be afraid of your dreams just because they sometimes have unpleasant scenes.

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