Meaning of Dreams, Dreaming of Failing a Test

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Dreaming of Failing a test

Dreaming that you are failing a test may reflect your anxiety about some test that you should take in the future. Whether it was an actual test or an upcoming event that you should deal with such a dream is an indication that you don't trust your abilities that much.

Dreaming of failing a test can also reflect fears of not being able to meet the expectations others have for you.

A child who has an authoritarian parent who always puts pressure on him to do more can have such a dream if he failed to meet his parent's expectations.

If you faced a problem while answering the test (for example, discovering that you forgot your pen) then this could be an indication that you feel that you are not ready to deal with life challenges.

If you believe you are not well equipped to deal with a certain upcoming life challenge such as a job interview for example then you may get such a dream.

Dream of failing and failing in life

In some cases you might dream that you have failed after this actually happens in your life. Lets suppose that you liked a girl, proposed to her but then she rejected your proposal and got married to someone else.

In such a case you might dream that you have failed a test too.

What do to if you dreamed that you are failing

The main source of this dream is your fears and anxieties. By learning how to face your fears and control your anxieties you will be sending a message to your subconscious mind to stop that dream.

Once you understand the meaning of the dream you will find it easier to get rid of it and you will also be able to improve your life.

Your mind is trying to scare you

It is also possible that your mind is sending you such a dream in order to scare you or move you away from something. If you were about to take a decision and your mind was afraid then it might let you see that dream just because it wants to discourage you from doing that thing.

According to one theory your subconscious mind might be using dreams to either motivate you to do something or to let you move away from something. See The subconscious mind and dreams.

It's important to note however that this doesn't mean that your subconscious mind is always right. In fact your subconscious mind might be totally wrong as it could be just scared.

This is different than not being ready

This dream usually has a totally different meaning than the one where you see yourself not prepared for an exam. In the later case it could be that your mind thinks that you are not really prepared to face a certain life problem. See this link for more information.

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