Dreaming of falling down

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Dreaming of falling down

Did you dream that you were falling down?
Did you see yourself falling off a building in your dream?

Don't worry. Contrary to some beliefs such a dream doesn't mean that you are going to fall but it could be an indication that your mind thinks that you fell already.

Sounds strange? Then read this article to know what dreaming about falling actually means.

Dreaming of falling, the meaning

In most cases (and not all cases) dreaming of falling represents your concern about loss of control in your life. Your subconscious mind thinks that you are lost, not knowing what to do, not knowing where will that step you took lead you to.

On the other hand this dream may mean that you are actually falling down in life. You may be doing bad in your career, you may be drifting away from God or you may be failing in any other life field.

This dream is just a message sent to you in order to help you take an action and to be more in control. This dream was sent to you not to scare you but to help you succeed or avoid failure.

Just like dreams can reflect your concerns they can also reflect what already happened in your life. if something bad happened to you (a job rejection for example) then you might also see yourself falling down in a dream.

The act of falling this time represents something that already happened. Your mind is reminding you of that failure because it wants you to make sure that it won't happen again.

Once you look at dreams using that lens you will be able to make great use of them.

What should i do if i saw myself falling in a dream??

Since some dreams are no more than a message sent to you by your mind you have to respond to this message else it will continue reoccurring forever.

Scan your life to see if you are actually falling or doing really bad in one of the important life areas and upon spotting the problem start to take actions.

I am not asking you to solve the problem today but am just asking you to take the first step. Most probably this dream will disappear as soon as the first step is taken.

Many people send me mails telling me that they are afraid because they saw themselves falling or because they are afraid to fall as a result of a dream and i usually reply saying: getting such a dream means that there is a very big possibility that you fell already.

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