interpreting dreams examples

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Interpreting dreams examples

After you have read about how to interpret your dreams it would be a good idea to take a look at those few examples in order to know how to make your dream interpretation more accurate.

The following are examples of people who had certain dreams along with some information about their personal background. By examining those elements you could relate their backgrounds to their dreams and know how to interpret your own dreams.

dream one
The dream: Tom saw a big dog running after him and was about to eat him but he managed to successfully escape.

The background: Tom recently had a smoking addiction problem which lead to receiving warnings from doctors that stated that he may die if he didn't break that habit. Tom was strong enough to quit smoking. Tom also has got a severe fear of dogs.

The dream interpretation: the dog in tom’s dream represented the danger that was going to kill him (the danger of cigarettes). His subconscious mind was busy thinking of a way to help him get out of this problem and that's why he saw that dream. Finally tom managed to escape in his dream because in his real life he managed to quit smoking.

dream two
The dream: jack saw himself fighting with his neighbor because he took his wallet without his permission.

The background: tom’s neighbor has got the same hair and eye color as tom’s best friend. Yesterday’s night tom found that his best friend took his car keys without his permission in order to go shopping. After his best friend came home tom had a small quarrel with him.

The dream interpretation: the neighbor tom saw in his dream represented his best friend and the wallet represented tom’s car. It’s just the way the subconscious mind uses to encode objects that made them appear that way in the dream.

Dream three
The dream: Brad who works as a techincal support in an IT company saw himself sitting in front of his laptop while the sky was raining on him. The guy tried to cover the laptop with his hands in order to prevent any damage from happening but he wasn't very successful.

The background: Brad was going through tough financial conditions and he was striving for a promotion but things weren't going well. He even believed that he might get fired one day.

The interpretation: The dream reflected Brad's fears about losing his job. The rain represented the hard times he was going through.

Dream four:
The Dream: Will saw himself standing in the middle of a lake and he was shouting for help.

The background: Will's life was messed up. He wasn't able to find a job and he started drinking more often just to escape from the problem. He always wanted someone to help him because he wasn't ready to take the responsibility.

The interpretation: Standing in the middle of the lake represented the feelings of being lost Will suffered from. The shouting for help represented his desire to be saved without doing any effort on his own. If he saw himself swimming instead then this dream would have been referring to his desire to pull himself together and find a way out of this problem.

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