Interpreting your dreams (Dream interpretation tips and techniques)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

only you can interpret your dreams

dreams are pictures and videos representing your own view of the life situations you have been through.

If both you and your friend saw a dog in your dreams then both dreams will have a completely different meaning because each of you has certain beliefs about dogs.

If your friend fears dogs while you consider them man's best friend then certainly your same dream will have 2 different meanings. That's why only you can interpret your dreams and not anyone else because you are the only one who knows what does the symbols in your dreams stand for.

Interpreting your dreams (Dream interpretation tips and techniques)

interpreting your dreams may be a little difficult at the beginning because you may have some problems understanding your own self but as you learn more about dream interpretation your self understating will be better and interpreting your dreams will be much easier.

the following are the steps you should follow in order to interpret your dreams:

  • Recall the dream: place a pen and a paper beside your bed so that you can record the dream as soon as you wake up. This will prevent you from forgetting about your dreams
  • Write down the dream if you woke up in the middle of the night: If you woke up in the middle of the night then this will help you remember the dream even better. Just write down all what you saw in the dream, the pictures the faces and the situations so that you can interpret them the next morning
  • Relate the symbols in the dream to your life: Lets suppose you saw a dog in your dream. Ask yourself what might a dog represent to you? let your mind freely search for the answer, is it a friend? an enemy ? or a representation of your fears? Put in mind that things don't appear in their true form in dreams but rather in the form of symbols
  • Link the dream symbols to your life situations: After identifying the meaning of the symbol try to link it to a situation that happened to you lately or to something that was keeping your mind busy. For example seeing the dog running after you could mean that your fears are represented in the form of a dog and that your subconscious mind is asking you to take actions to combat them
  • Dreaming of people: note that people can be symbols too. Seeing an ugly person in a dream my be the representation of a person you dislike. A blond girl may represent one of your green eyed guy friends and your parents may represent close people . So even people can be symbols and seeing someone in a dream doesn't always mean that your subconscious mind is referring to that specific person.
  • Take actions: After you have associated your dreams with a current life problem that you are facing its time to take action. After all these dreams are messages and i you didn't respond to them they might keep visiting you forever

Dream interpretation example

I was going through a tough period because of deteriorating work conditions. Within few days new rules were going to be set by our manager that were believed to make the work environment somehow better.

I saw a dream during that day where i was walking with a friend of mine and talking to him about how tough the exam period is. My friend then replied, in the dream, saying that its all about few days before the exams end.

The exams in the dream represented the work conditions i have been going through. And the fact that the work conditions were going to be changed in few days appeared in the dream in the form of exams that were about to end.

This is exactly how you should be connecting the dots between your dreams and whatever is going on in your reality.

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