Face Reading (personology), Lip Lines

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Face Reading (personology): Lip Lines

The lip line, in face reading, is the imaginary horizontal line you can see passing between the two lips when the mouth is closed. That line can be straight, straight with its ends pointing downwards or upwards.

  • Straight Lip line with its ends pointing downwards: The person who has a straight lip line with ends pointing downwards is a pessimistic person and he will always expects the worse. Make sure you take that into consideration when taking his opinion. One of the great benefits this person can provide you with is to notify you about all the problems that can ever occur because he can expect them all before they happen. If you are about to start a new project for example and want to know all the possible risks that you might face then ask that person and he will for sure pin point every single problem you're going to face.
  • Straight lip line with its ends turned upwards: The person who has Straight lip line with its ends turned upwards is an optimist. This person always expects good things to happen. He can encourage you much if you told him about a new idea. You can consider taking his opinion to get some motivation but be aware not to be lured by the very positive outlook he may have. There may be some kind of problems and bad future expectations that he is ignoring or not taking into consideration
  • Straight lip line: The balanced; this person has got a balanced outlook for future events. He may be optimistic if conditions are good and pessimistic if things seem bad. That person could give you the most balanced opinion for a future project provided that he has all the necessary details.

Lip line, face reading and accuracy

You must put in mind that some people fall in between these types. For example you might meet a person who has a lip line that is slightly pointing downwards.

The more prominent the face feature is the more close the person will be to the specific personality traits of that face feature. The person who has a lip line that is slightly bent downwards will be slightly pessimistic and so on.

Face reading the full picture

One of the big mistakes people do when they try to understand face reading is that they judge a person's personality based on one facial feature and this is completely wrong.

In order to make the best use of face reading you need to put in mind that looking at the whole face together is the right thing that should be done. Some facial features dampen the effect of other features and that's why its sometimes hard to understand the feature without looking at the whole face.

In other cases other facial features can further reinforce a certain trait and this can help you get more accurate results when guessing someone's personality.

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