Fear of fights and physical activities

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Fear of fights is not a disorder

It’s very important to know that fear of fights is neither a disorder nor a personal problem.

However if this fear is so intense so that it forces you let go of your rights in order to avoid getting involved into a fight then you must take actions to get rid of such a fear.

normal people don’t like to fight

As normal people we should not be happy to find ourselves involved in a fight because we may hurt someone, hurt ourselves or even both. However some people tend to have less appetite for physical activities than other people.

They like to avoid physical effort of all kinds and of course this makes the idea of fighting terrifying to them.

why do I fear fights more than others?

The answer to this question lies within one of the following possibilities. One or more of them may be the cause of your fear. Read them all to know more about yourself and to get rid of the fear of fights:

  • oversensitivity and fear:are you an overly sensitive person? over sensitive people tend to hate physical activities much more than other people. If you are an over sensitive person then most probably one of your tasks in life will be trying to avoid fights or severe physical activities at any cost.
  • lack of fighting experience: do you remember the first time you started driving a car? Weren’t you a little afraid? Am sure you were more afraid than you are now after driving for years. Self confidence in doing a certain activity is built when an activity is done many times successfully. If you have never got involved into a fight before then most probably you will fear fights more than someone who gets involved into a new fight everyday.
  • Lack of confidence in your fighting abilities: The reason for fear of fights could be lack of confidence in your ability to win the fight. After all if you were sure one hundred percent that you could win the fight then you will never become afraid. Practicing any kind of martial arts training will reduce that fear gradually.
  • Bad previous experience: If you were beaten in fights many times before then you will certainly fear new fights. Your mind in such a case will be afraid that the past repeats itself

finally, fighting is bad

Fighting is a bad activity. you should not get involved into a fight unless you have no other choice. If you fight often then make sure you learn more about anger management.

Although fighting is bad, being not sure of your abilities to defend yourself is bad too. Its very helpful to start martial arts training. Aikido is the most recommended martial art because of many reasons. Its not a violent sport so in case you are sensitive you wont find training a bad experience.

Aikido is a one hundred percent defensive game where you can never start a move unless your opponent attacks first. Aikido techniques are very effective if mastered, however the only draw back to aikido is that it takes more time to be learned compared to other martial arts like boxing or kung fu.

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