Fear of ghosts cure

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Inside the mind of the person who fears ghosts

Sam was running fast in a dark place, he was shaking,his heart was beating in a fast rate and he was so afraid.

All of his focus was on one thing which is getting out of that place before any ghost suddenly attacks him. Sam’s mind was working hard to construct different images of possible ghosts that might appear any second

Sam took a look behind him every 2 seconds just to make sure that no ghosts were after him. Whenever he heard any noise he shivered and quickly looked at the source of the noise to know whether it was something evil or whether it was something else.

fear of ghosts

Sam is like many other people who fear dark places because of not wanting to be attacked by ghosts or evil spirits, but the question here is, did a real ghost ever attacked him?

The answer is no! so why does he fear ghosts then?
Because he have never gave himself the chance to discover the truth or to face his fears. One of the Rules the subconscious mind uses for operation is that the more you escape from your fears the more will they grow. So as time passes Sam’s beliefs about ghosts were getting stronger and stronger because he was escaping from them without giving himself the chance to question their existence.

challenging your fear of ghosts

If you want to deal with this kind of fear then go to that dark place you fear the most and instead of running just stay there for a while. You can even shout with words like “where are you ghosts?”

Your subconscious mind will probably reply saying “hey what are you doing , don’t be mad, you may get them angry” shout again saying something like “why i am afraid?” Your subconscious mind may reply saying something like “hey run before its too late, now you really bothered them” again collect your courage and say “I can’t find the ghosts i have been running from since years!!”

I know that this can difficult but just try to stay there as much as you can and after you find that you cant stay any more go home. Repeat that again several times and as the time passes your subconscious mind will build new beliefs about dark places and about ghosts.

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