Signs of fear of Intimacy

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Signs of Fear of Intimacy

Fear of intimacy doesn’t only result in short lived relationships but it also causes loneliness as it encourages superficial relationships.

Below are some signs that can help you know if you fear intimacy. If you found these signs present in your relationships then you should take serious steps towards dealing with your fear of intimacy.

  • No sharing of emotions: Avoiding sharing your deep emotions with others is a sign of fear of intimacy
  • Keeping your private life to yourself: Keeping most of your private life a secret to yourself is another sign of fear of intimacy.
  • Lack of social interest Not caring about knowing the deep feelings of others and their emotions is an indication that you want to avoid intimacy
  • Fear: Feeling threatened whenever you think that someone is going to ask you about private matters is another sign of fear of intimacy
  • More fear: Being afraid that others know a lot about you
  • Running: You escape whenever the relationship with someone starts to get deeper

The presence of one or two of these signs may not be a dangerous issue,however, if all of these signs were present then you must take steps towards dealing with the fear of intimacy not to let is ruin your relationships.

Dealing with fear of intimacy

Usually the fear of intimacy develops at childhood when the person fails to develop proper connection with the first people he comes in contact with.

Children with distant caregivers usually develop fear of intimacy because they failed to learn how to develop social interest.

Of course its not your fault and you shouldn't blame yourself if you fear intimacy now but still you are in charge of your life and dealing with fear of intimacy in the next few days is your responsibility.

Fear of intimacy and the perfect plan

Sometimes your subconscious mind does plans and force you to follow them without even letting you notice that you are a part of a plan.

If a person believes that he is not that worthy then his subconscious mind might make him fear intimacy. The person will believe that he fears intimacy because of an unknown reason while in fact its his subconscious mind's plan for letting him avoid people!

Dealing with fear of intimacy requires gaining more self understanding. Fear of intimacy and many other emotional problems that appear to have no reason might actually be a part of a perfect plan setup by your mind!

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