answers to uncommon interview questions

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Answers to uncommon interview questions

Knowing the answer to common interview questions is a great thing that will help you do better in job interviews but what will you do if you were asked additional questions that aren't common at all?

In this article i will provide you with answers to some of these uncommon questions so that you an increase your chance of getting a job. The following are some of these questions along with their perfect answers:

Uncommon interview question 1: why didn’t you get straight A’s
The answer to that question would be ”My life is based on a system of priories and whenever I go after something I achieve it. Since my time resources are limited and since my achievement at any field depends only on how much time i allocate for it didn't get straight As because i didn't allocate enough resources”

uncommon interview question 2: Why cant you remember that thing you studied
If you were asked about something that is written in your CV and you didn't manage to remember it then here is what you should say. The answer would be “when I studied that course it took me one month to complete it. If i wanted to recall the information i studied it will only take me few minutes. The difference between me and someone who didn’t study that course is that he will have to spend a month learning it while i will recall it in minutes”

By giving such an answer you are pointing out that you forgot nothing and that you can revise it in few hours.

interview question 3: you graduated since 10 months, why didn’t you get a job?

The answer would be “I know that after I start working I would never be able to take a long vacation so decided to have a small break to refresh my mind before heading for the new life”

interview question 4:Why do you want this job?

A good reply would be a one mentioning any aspect that is unique about the company you are applying for. For example “Because this company is the largest/best/ bla bla bla”

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