How to not care about anything

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Important note

For the first instance this title might appear contradictory to the teachings on that site and this is why i want to make it clear that learning not to care about anything has nothing to do with giving up on your goals, letting go of your dreams or ignoring your important needs.

The reason i wrote this article is that so many brave people who fight for what they want feel too bad on the way because of the uncountable disappointments they face.

I have said earlier that your mind will always use emotions to guide you to move towards your goals and prevent you from drifting away from them. This is why people get depressed when they believe they can't get something that matters to them and this is why people feel anxious right before a job interview that might determine whether they will get a job or not.

Now the purpose of this article is to help you become less affected by the problems you face so that the journey towards reaching your goals becomes much easier.

How to not care about anything

  • 1) Care later !: When your mind reminds you of a problem it usually doesn't want an immediate solution as much as it wants an answer. If you freed one day of the week or even few hours to plan for the future and to determine how will you solve your problems then reminding your mind of that planning time can calm it down. Its like telling your mind "OK i know there is a problem and that's why next Saturday i am going to find a way out"
  • 2) Adapt with the worst case: As strange as this sounds visualizing the worst case and imagining how your life will be like if you never reached your goals will help a lot. This doesn't mean that the worst case will happen but it just means that you are ready to accept it. This alone will remove a big percentage of the pressure on your back.
  • 3) Always have a plan and a backup plan: Nothing calms the mind and prevents worrying better than written future plans. Adding a backup plan is always an amazing idea because in case anything happens to the primary plan you won't get severely disappointed This is why you should write a plan)
  • 4) Take breaks often: Nothing reduces stress better than breaking the cycle of routine and worrying by taking a vacation. You don't have to travel to a new place as much as you have to avoid everything that reminds you of problems for a day or two. (see also 5 things to do when you cant take a vacation)
  • 5) Build self confidence: Not any type of self confidence can help you to not care about anything. The type of self confidence you need to build here is believing that you can solve your life problems no matter what they are. This type of confidence is built over time as you successfully deal with the problems you face.

One final tip Don't over think

Over thinking makes problems appear 10 times bigger than they really are. Only think during the specified times for thinking that you have previously determined.

When you worry often about something you give an indirect signal to your mind to worry more and to assume that its a life or death matter while in fact it might just be a small problem.

Finally don't expect quick results, expect problems and be patient. Success doesn't happen right away and the road to it is anything but straight. Just putting this in mind can help you absorb so many life shocks without caring much.

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