Inferiority complex and external factors (fame,wealth...etc)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I am inferior because I am not rich

Do you think that the reason of your inferiority is not being rich?
Do you think you are inferior because you lack something others have?
Do you think that if some external factors were changed then you won’t be feeling inferior?

The truth about inferiority

If a man who has never suffered from inferiority complex or who has never felt inferior before suddenly lost his money, friends and job, do you think he will feel inferior?

The answer is no. yes, he may feel depressed, he may even try to commit suicide but he wouldn't feel inferior.

That's simply because feelings of inferiority are internal and not external. When a person suffers feelings of inferiority he might believe that he experienced them because he lacks something in his life (like not having a girl friend, a good job or high social status).

In reality, it's the other way around. The person was already feeling inferior and that's why the occurrence of such circumstances reminded him of his inferiority.

Dormant inferiority

Feelings of inferiority can be dormant in the subconscious mind in such a way that you don't notice them but as soon as you experience a situation that makes you feel different or unable to achieve things your peers have already achieved then you will start feeling inferior.

If those feelings of inferiority didn't already exist then any new life events wouldn’t have resulted in triggering them (Read about the law of attraction for more information on how a certain situation can result in specific emotions).

In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how secondary inferiority feelings are feelings of inferiority that are experienced when facing certain situations that remind you of your original inferiority (the primary inferiority).

How do I deal with these feelings of inferiority?

If that's your case then you have not yet dealt completely with your feelings of inferiority. Even if you didn't experience inferiority feelings in the past two or three weeks still this doesn't mean that your feelings of inferiority went away.

What you must do is to get rid of the primary inferiority. Changing the external life conditions won't remove any inferiority feelings. If you want to get rid of inferiority feelings you just need to follow all the steps in the guide to getting rid of inferiority complex.

Remember, you are not the one to blame for the cruelness of the people who were the reason behind your feelings of inferiority. You just need to force your way to fix a problem that was created by the mistakes of others.

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