Religion and locus of control

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Internal locus of control

Internal locus of control is the trait that allows the person to take responsibility of the events that happen to him in his life without blaming luck, fate or God.

A person who has internal locus of control will always believe that he has more control over his life than a person who has an external locus of control.

That's why most successful people belong to the first group. After all life is full of disappointments and when you became the type of person who blames everything around him when he fails then your chances of success will be very low.

Successful people admit making mistakes then work on new plans that help them recover from the mistakes they did.

As a result of this definition some people think that religion and internal locus of control cannot coexist together. There is a popular false belief that states that religious people will never try to challenge life problems because they consider them to be God's will.

internal locus of control and religion

contrary to common beliefs internal locus of control does not contradict with any of the religious beliefs that Christians ,Muslims,Jews or any other God worshiping religion have.

Most of these religious books talk about god's will and how you should accept the situation you are in whatever it is because this is how God wanted it to be.

While that's 100% percent correct still having an internal locus of control does not mean that you will rebel against God's deeds. Internal locus of control means that whenever you find one road blocked you should try a second, and a third and never lose hope by or blaming the blockage of one road on the current economic conditions,political conditions or God's will.

maybe God blocked a road to get you through another one

Maybe God blocked one road to open another one for you. By complaining about that blocked road instead of looking for the other ones that were opened you will definitely end up thinking like people who have external locus of control.

All of the religious books without exception talk about hope and how it should never be lost whatever happened. Internal locus of control is about not losing hope to try something else.

Internal locus of control is not blaming someone else for things you didn't do correctly or things you didn't try hard enough to reach. Do your best, Worship God and never blame external conditions.

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