How serotonin affects mood

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How serotonin affects mood

Serotonin is a hormone that is known for its ability to regulate the mood, make the person happy and even combat depression.

Lots of people search online for methods to increase serotonin levels naturally In order to improve their moods and while that is completely possible still you can't depend on serotonin to feel good for prolonged periods of time because its just a temporary fix.

How to force the release of serotonin for prolonged periods of time?

Lets suppose that you have a cup of coffee that has a small hall which slowly lets the cup becomes empty. Does it make sense to search for a method to fill the cup faster or doesn't it make much more sense to fix the cup or even replace it?

That's the same thing you must do to increase serotonin levels naturally. You don't have to find methods to increase the productions of serotonin as much as you should be looking for ways to get rid of the reasons that deplete your naturally released serotonin in the first place.

for example if stress was the main reason that depletes your serotonin then instead of trying to replace the lost hormone learn how to deal with stress or to avoid the stressful situation all together in order to prevent the depletion of serotonin from your body.

Serotonin levels and sunset

Since getting exposed to sunlight increases serotonin levels during sunset some people experience a negative mood. The reason only certain people experience such bad moods at such a time is that their serotonin levels are already low.

Again what those people must do is to find the root cause of their problems then solve them. Only then they will feel happy.

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