How the human mind connects unrelated things together

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Your mind must find a cause

One of the habits most people do is that they try to find a cause for anything that happens to them then associate that cause with a certain event. For example at the moment someone tells you that you are looking bad you may start to dig for the reason that made him say so, you may examine your hair, your clothes and everything until you find a reason to justify the comment.

The major problem in here is that sometimes you lack the required knowledge about the cause and since you must associate the event with something the result will be assuming incorrect causes that might affect you badly.

For example consider the previous case where you have received a bad comment about your looks, what if the comment came from someone you don't know well or someone whom you can't get more information from?

In that case you don’t have enough knowledge about the cause and so you may end up with wrong explanation like "i must be ugly" or "i shouldn't have bought that shirt". You just associated the event with a cause that may be far from reality. Here are More examples:

  • Someone who notices two people whispering to each other on passing by him and so he associates this small talk with a problem in his appearance or his personality
  • Someone who got rejected might associate this rejection with a problem in his personality or in the work that he submitted
  • Someone who incorrectly interprets body language of other people and jumps to conclusions that they don't like him
  • God is mother nature. This one Doesn’t need an explanation.
  • Someone who fails to reach anything in life and finds that his friend was successful so he associates what happened to his friend with the famous word "LUCK".
  • someone who associates a stock market crash with the manipulation of wealthy investors who can shake the market

So what's the problem with that habit?

The problem with this habit is that you may end up with a false idea about yourself, about your skills and about the whole world. You will tend to associate every thing that happens to you with an incorrect cause and so you will end up living in your own imaginary world.

You must know that associating everything with a cause is not correct. You must know that there are many things that are beyond your knowledge. I know that your mind wont rest until it finds a cause and so what you can do is learning how to be patient and not to judge things unless the full picture becomes clear. Unless you have a strong evidence to prove the information that you have collected true you will end up building false beliefs about everything in life.

Learn how to perceive reality correctly

Many of the psychological disorders people have are enforced by incorrect perception of reality. A person develops a belief that results in a certain disorder then he collects evidences to support that belief through his twisted perception of reality.

That's why one of the first things i ask people to do when they attempt to treat their psychological disorders is to learn how to perceptive reality correctly.

In order to do this you will constantly need to revise the data you collect through your senses so that you make sure its not biased in a way or another.

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