3 Reasons people feel uncomfortable around introverts

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people feel uncomfortable around introverts

Introverts are the people who charge their energy by sitting alone. They are less talkative around strangers and they don't talk much before they get to know people very well.

Most people don't know how to read personalities fast and as a result so many of them feel uncomfortable around introverts just because they can't guess what's going on in the introvert's mind.

Most people think only of themselves when it comes to social interactions and rarely focus on understanding other people. This is why most people start to wonder why aren't introverts talking to them instead of concluding that they are introverts.

Mind wandering, self doubts and communicating with introverts

Here are some of the thoughts that come to the minds of people around introverts:

  • 1) Why aren't they talking to me?: Why are they silent? Don't they want to talk? Do they find me uninteresting? Is there anything wrong?
  • 2) Is there anything wrong with me?: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that people who aren't sure of themselves usually start to think that there might be something wrong with them. After all if they assume that all those who are interested in them should talk to them then they will always think that introverts are not interested (see also Dealing with self doubts)
  • 3) What are they thinking of me?: We humans hate uncertainty and we don't feel comfortable if we found ourselves clueless. Because many introverts don't give much clues about their feelings to strangers people usually feel uncomfortable around them (see also how to read body language)

What to do if you are an introvert?

First of all you must put yourself in the shoes of the people you are dealing with. People want to feel loved and need to know that they are interesting. Staying silent or not welcoming them much might actually make many of them conclude that they are unwanted.

If you are not comfortable in talking with strangers then at least make sure your body language is welcoming, nod while listening and smile often. This can do the job.

A recent study have shown that people feel happier around extroverts. This study reaffirms the fact that people feel comfortable when they feel welcomed and loved.

People feel comfortable around their close friends because there is no uncertainty. They can expect everything and there is nothing that they fear.

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