why do people get so annoyed by game requests

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What's so annoying about a simple notification?

Why do some people get so annoyed by game requests?
What's too bad in that simple notification that makes people lose their minds?
And what's the bad thing that could possibility happen to you if you received many of those requests each day?

Any human being would become annoyed if someone kept asking him to do the same thing over and over but why do some people get much more annoyed by those requests than others?

The answer lies in the psychology of motivation. Before i tell you why some people find game requests so annoying i first have to tell you about a short story that happened to me.

Why do people get annoyed by certain notifications

Sometime ago i created a Facebook event to market a product that i created then all of a sudden a guy showed up on the wall and started attacking the page for no obvious reason. The page had nothing but a free course about personal development so it couldn't have been annoying to anyone.

After i talked to the guy in the inbox i discovered that he was a DJ and that he was eagerly waiting for an event to display his talents. In other words the guy had an important unmet need.

The guy wasn't that satisfied with what he had accomplished in the field and as a result he was eager to find anything that can help him reach his goals. Now when that guy saw the event he first expected it would be a one that could possibly help him display his skills but when he checked it he got severely disappointed.

The energy resulting from disappointment motivated that guy to attack the event organizers on the event wall.

So why do people get so annoyed by game requests

In my previous article Why do people check Facebook over and over i said that people keep checking their notifications because they hope to find ones that can help them meet their needs, however when those people find ones that are totally unrelated to their needs they get seriously disappointed.

The degree with which someone loses his temper reflects how much he got disappointed by that unrelated notification. So the people who actually complain about game request all the time are the ones who have the most unmet needs online.

Things that disappoint you in life can help you understand yourself better for each thing that disappoints you tells you some information about the things you are after in life.

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