why do people like certain facial features

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people like certain facial features

In my previous article Physical attraction psychology i said that people get attracted to those who have proportional and symmetrical facial features.

I have also said that women tend to find men with more masculine facial features (big jaw, prominent cheek bones and thick eyebrow) more attractive than other men while men find women with facial features that reflect fertility (full lips, small eyes and nose) more attractive than other women.

These findings explain why the general population of humans find certain faces attractive but they didn't explain why certain people like certain facial features and not others.

Why would a person get attracted to people with round faces and not ones with sharp facial features? Why would a person prefer those who wear glasses while another person finds them unattractive?

How the subconscious mind makes associates

The subconscious mind can connect two unrelated objects together in such a way that the same emotions that are felt when the first object is encountered can be felt when the second is encountered.

A man who fears loss of control can become afraid of darkness. This man might think that he fears darkness because of ghosts but in fact it could have happened because his subconscious mind connected the inability to see with loss of control!

So what does this has to do with physical attraction?
Just like the subconscious mind connects certain objects together it can connect certain facial features to certain personality traits!

The subconscious mind of a certain person can connect glasses with wisdom and intelligence while the subconscious mind of another person can connect glasses with social isolation and introversion.

While The subconscious mind of a person can connect round facial features with innocence and purity the subconscious mind of another person can associate the same facial features with laziness and ill will!

Attraction, unmet needs and the subconscious mind

So people see others differently because each person associates the same facial features with different personality traits.

People get attracted to those who have facial features that indicate the presence of the personality traits they are looking for. In my article unmet needs psychology i explained how each person becomes attached to those who posses certain personality traits as a result of the experiences he has been through.

Now the missing piece of the puzzle is how the person believes that another one has those personality traits he is looking for?

It happens through those associates his subconscious mind made and that's one reason why some people can fall in love with others from the first sight.

The next time someone says that you are not his type don't feel bad but just put in mind that this person could have made incorrect association between the way you look and your personality traits.

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