Why do some people get easily disgusted

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do we experience disgust?

Why do some people get easily disgusted?
Shouldn't all human beings find the same things disgusting?

Disgust is an emotion that was implemented in humans to help them avoid germs and poisonous materials. After all if something is disgusting then there is a great possibility that it might be harmful or full of germs.

So the emotion of disgust is actually there to help us stay away from diseases and live healthier lives. But still this doesn't explain why would one person get more disgusted than another?

Why do some people get easily disgusted

In one study participants were divided into two groups. The first group was shown some disgusting pictures while the second group was shown some normal pictures.

Right after that both groups were asked to determine the type of a punishment a person who committed a moral crime should get. Both groups read a paper explaining how the person did that crime then they were asked about the suitable punishment he should get.

Here is what happened. The people who saw the disgusting images suggested more harsh punishment than those who saw the normal pictures.

In other words this experiment proved that disgust is directly connected to moral judgment because just as we experience disgust when see bad smelling litter we also experience it when see someone doing something morally wrong.

This means that conservative people are more likley to get disgusted than liberals. The more you are focused on doing what's morally right the more likley you are to get disgusted.

How to communicate with people properly

Lets suppose that on your first meeting with someone you find that he got really disgusted when he saw something that you didn't consider that disgusting. In such a case you should show that person that you are someone who cares about morals if he was important to you. (see also How to communicate properly with people)

After all if you didn't send such a message to that person he might get a little turned off from you since he already cares about morals very much.

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