Why worrying promotes more worrying

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The process of worrying

Worrying is just an emotion that a person gets when he starts to get concerned about the outcome of something that he cares about. But do you know how the worrying process starts?

And why would a person who feels good suddenly starts to worry about something?
The answer to this question is simple, it's all about the triggers.

As soon as a person comes across a trigger that reminds him of something he cares about he might start worrying about that thing. The responses of people usually differ when they encounter those triggers.

Two people could encounter the same triggers yet one of them starts worrying while the other might simply ignore the trigger. See the real reasons behind worrying.

Once the person gives in to the first thought he might start worrying about possible scenarios that could happen. Fears then fuel the person’s thoughts and so he starts thinking of possible negative scenarios.

why worrying promotes more worrying

The problem that happens when a person gives in to the first negative thought is that he starts looking for more evidence to clam himself down. When that happens the person becomes more likely to come across a new trigger that leads to more worrying.

In other words when a person fails to push away the first negative thought he usually ends up with more negative thoughts coming from the new triggers he came across. see why the desire to be in control promotes worrying.

Now the biggest problem here is that people usually worry about things that they are uncertain about. In other words there might be no way to find a piece of data that calms the person down during that specific phase of his life.

So as you can see worrying didn’t just make that person feel bad but it also leads to an endless cycle of worrying and information gathering.

How to deal with that problem

As you might have already guessed not giving in to the first negative thought is one of the best strategies to deal with worrying. By pushing that negative thought away as soon as it appears you can give yourself the chance not to fall into this worrying trap.

Worrying can only be useful if it will motivate you to take actions to change things or to find real data that can help you. If for example you are worried about the upcoming exam then certainly worrying can be useful for it will motivate you to study. See why worrying is irrational

But if you already took the exam and you are now worried about the result then you need to realize that worrying in such a case is a total waste of time and that it might just lead to more worrying.

As soon as you get the first negative thought push it away gently and remind yourself that worrying will just open the door to more negative thinking.

But before you do that make sure you really can't change anything at the moment for if you can then this would be considered escaping from your problems.

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