10 killer answers to the "why aren't you married yet" questions

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why aren't you married yet?

Do people keep bothering you with that question?
Does it annoy you when someone sticks his nose where it doesn't belong?
Do people keep telling you that you should get married and have kids before its too late?

Then in this article you will know about the killer answers you should reply with. Just a small note: Some of those answers might seem annoying and unfriendly to some people so make sure you understand the type of personality you are dealing with before you give a certain answer.

After all you just want to stop people from bothering you again without annoying them. If you are OK with that then you can proceed.

10 killer answers to questions about marriage and kids

Questions are numbered (in bold) and their respective answers are after the double dots.

  • 1) Oh dear, why aren't you married yet?: Because unlike most people i don't settle for less than i want as a result of believing that i will never get it.
  • 2) Kids will give a meaning to your life: This is very true for those who have been living meaningless lives before having kids.
  • 3) You are getting old its time to get married: People who look at it that way are too insecure not to find someone who loves them before its too late. Its a self esteem issue and I don't have problems with that
  • 4) The age difference between you and your kids must be small: I know 20 years old people who think and act like they are in their 70s and i know 60 years old people who think and act like they are in their 20s. The fact that some people feel old fast doesn't mean that i am like them. Where do you get the rules you live by from?
  • 5) Kids are the best thing in life: True for those who never had great lives before having kids. Ever had a great life before?
  • 6) All your friends got married already: So i should blindly follow the crowd even if that might make me unhappy just because i am too afraid to take my own decisions?
  • 7) Its the right time to get married: The right time is when i find the right person not when i settle for a wrong one just because the society wants me to believe that its the right time
  • 8) You must be feeling lonely: So you got married because you were feeling lonely? is that how you choose someone you will live with forever? Get a dog!
  • 9) Why didn't you get married yet? Because up to that moment no one was good enough for me to share my life with them
  • 10) No one is perfect, you can't find exactly what you are looking for : Did i say i am looking for the perfect person? I am looking for the one who is perfect for me

Questions to reply back with

These are also some interesting question that you could reply back with:

  • 1) Are you really happy or you just got married because that's what everyone was doing?
  • 2) Did you marry the person you really loved or you just went for what you can get?
  • 3) Are you really happy or are you just faking it?
  • 4) Do you think your marriage was a great decision or your destiny?
  • 5) What if you found the right person after you already got married?
  • 6) Do you have any idea what the divorce rate is?
  • 7) Do you have any idea what love addition or relationship dependency are?

Additional facts

People who get married just because they feel lonely or because they are worried about finding someone who can love them have self esteem problems.

A confident person would know that he can attract the right partner at any point of time. Most people impose weird standards and beliefs on themselves that they never question.

Who said that marriage must happen at a certain age?
Who said that all married couples are happy?
Who said that the right time for you is the right time for me?

Most people follow each other blindly because they are too insecure to follow their own hearts or walk their own path.

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