10 Signs you should break up now

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Breaking up is bad

Breaking up is a real bad thing that can bring lots of unhappiness and pain but in spite of the fact that breakups do hurt sometimes its much better to breakup earlier than suffer from a messed up relationship only to end with a breakup sometime later.

If the relationship was established on the wrong foundations then it might be easier to breakup now than wait until you have no other option but to breakup and this time it will hurt much more than if it was done earlier.

10 Signs you should break up now

  • 1) The relationship is dragging you down: Is the relationship consuming your health, ruining your self confidence and slowing your progress in life? In such a case you will sooner or later feel like wanting to breakup so better do it earlier
  • 2) You breakup very often: All couples fight but if you breakup once or twice a week then know that both of you want to leave but you are just too scared to do it. In such a case it's better to breakup before you get even more attached
  • 3) Cheating often: If you are being cheated on often then you must understand that you don't fully satisfy the important needs of your partner. In such a case you have two options 1) to live with a chronic cheater or 2) to breakup
  • 4) Family members hate you: If the family members of your partner hate you then there is a quite high possibility that they can influence your relationship from a distance and turn you against each other. While this sign is not enough to breakup you still must understand that it's a very serious one (see also Healthy relationship tips)
  • 5) Not interested in spending time with you alone: If your partner always avoids being with you alone then unless there is a serious excuse you might end up with a breakup
  • 6) Your relationship with your friends is stronger than your relationship with your partner: When one of you becomes closer to his friends than to the other then know that sooner or later their opinion about the relationship will have a direct impact on your decisions (see also Healty relationship tips)
  • 7) Broken promises: We all fail sometimes to keep our promises but if someone promises to change every week but fails then know that he is not motivated enough to do so and might never be
  • 8) Your personalities are incompatible No one is perfect but sometimes its almost impossible to live with a person who has certain personality traits that are incompatible with yours. If you have incompatible personalities then know that you are at a very high risk of a breakup (see also 10 signs you are marrying the wrong person)
  • 9) No more intimacy: If you don't share everything together anymore, don't feel there is a strong connection between you or even don't feel safe around each other then know that you might end up with a breakup very soon
  • 10) Everyone knows about the details of your fights: Once the stories reach other parties they can easily influence your minds and convince you to breakup

Should i breakup?

Of course you can still have a successful relationship with one or two of those problems present but if most of them are there then you should seriously consider breaking up.

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