7 Negative things people will tell you when you start a new business

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Meet the negative people

So you started a new business and you were full of excitement then you expected people to support you but only found the opposite. Welcome to the club :)

One of the basics of the business world is that most people won't encourage you to pursue the dream you are after. Some people might try to seem like they are giving you advice but in fact they are just trying to state indirectly that they don't believe in your idea.

A person who wants to push you forward will usually encourage you a lot before giving his comments but those who just want to put you down will usually give negative remarks in the form of questions without showing any interest in your idea.

This is why its extremely important to be prepared to hear those comments. For if you didn't get yourself prepared you will easily give up on your idea.

7 Negative things people will tell you when you start a new business

  • 1) Do you think you will be able to make people like it?: This is one of the most common negative statements entrepreneurs get and it usually means that the person who asked that question doesn't believe people will like the idea. Your answer should be: "Watch me"
  • 2) Is it a good time to start a business? Again this question is just a reflection of the belief that its not a good time to start the business. Your answer should be: do you stop consuming products at certain times of the year? Do you ever stop eating, using your phone or buying clothes?
  • 3) A friend of mine did something similar but it never worked: This is a one clear statement and here is the reply you should give, "I am not like your friend"
  • 4) Its not a good idea: Because that's a direct comment your answer should be direct. "You are not my target customer and there are so many people out there who would embrace such an idea, you are just not one of them"
  • 5) Its impossible to do that: Your answer: That's what Steve jobs was told, Bill gates, Albert Einstein, JK Rowling, Oprah and almost everyone who did anything significant in his life (see 5 motivational success stories)
  • 6) You are not like those people: Your answer: They were like me before they started and there is nothing they had that i don't have now (see also Ultimate guide to becoming rich)
  • 7) Do you know how many people fail?: Your answer: Do you know how many people lack persistence, perseverance and discipline?

Why do people put each other down?

People put each other down because they are afraid to be left out. Imagine you were lost on an island with some of your friends. What will their opinion be if you decided to build a raft and go through the sea alone?

Most probably they will put you down because:

  • 1- they are afraid to do that
  • 2- they believe they can't make it and so they assume you can't make it too
  • 3- They are afraid that you make it out and leave them behind
  • 4- They'd rather live a miserable life on an island than take a risk
  • 5- They want to see everyone doing the same thing to feel comfortable and secure
  • 6- They believe that getting stuck is their destiny
  • 7- They want to wait for someone to come and save them and usually those who think like that wait forever

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