Why haters hate and how to deal with them

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How haters behave

Any person who is doing anything useful in the world will have some haters. Haters are divided into 2 categories, the first category are the good haters who hate you without trying to harm you or do anything bad to you. Those are the ones who have some self control.

The second group of haters are the sick ones who will take actions in order to make the person they hate feel bad. Those actions don't have to be big at all because each hater does the things that he is capable.

Negative comments, demotivating statements, negative reviews, bad mouthing are in many cases the product of hatred. The hater feels so bad when he sees the person he hates doing well and so he does his best to slow his progress down.

Why haters hate

When a hater sees someone doing something that he can't do he starts to think that he is worthless. Those feelings motivate the hater to try to stop the progress of the successful person by any means.

In other words, haters hate because they feel worthless. When i first started 2knowmyself i got some harsh comments about it. Those comments had nothing to do with feedback because they had nothing but insults and bad words. Why would someone attack a self help website that helps people? Its because he is too jealous of the success of that site.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that if someone hates you then this means that he thinks that you are somebody and that he believes that he can't be like you. In such a case hatred itself is a confession by the hater of the worthiness of your achievements.

Had the hater believed in himself in any way he would have became motivated to succeed instead of hating you but because he doesn't think he is any good he just finds no better option but to hate you.

Here is another example that would make that clear. After i started Optimistnet the social network for positivity and motivation i announced that we crossed 10,000 registered users.

Few days after the announcement a woman who was already registered months ago started posting negative posts, demotivating status and scary pictures to annoy the site's visitors.

Obviously that was woman got jealous of the growing network and so started to hate it.

How to deal with haters?

Shine like a star and let them burn.
The one thing that pisses haters the most is finding that the person they hate is becoming more successful. Instead of feeling bad because someone hates you use the energy of hatred that person is sending you to become more successful.

Not only your life will improve as a result of making more achievements but you will also teach your haters a tough lesson in an ethical way.

There a quote that was said by Christiano Renaldo that summarizes this all: "Your love makes me strong, your hate makes me unstoppable".

This is exactly how you should deal with haters.

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