How to identify haters and mean people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to identify haters and mean people

Every normal person have some people who hate him. Haters come in two different kinds, the least dangerous ones who express their hatred directly and the more dangerous ones who express their hatred in more subtle ways.

Because the second type of haters sometimes act as friends its very important that you learn how to spot them and single them out.

Its very important to note that the signs i am going to discuss in this post must all be present together before you conclude that someone hates you. Most of the below signs can be done by normal people under certain conditions but if they all appeared together then there is a big possibility that the person doing them is a hater.

Signs that show hatred

  • 1) won't compliment or congratulate you: One of the hardest things to do for a hater is to compliment or congratulate someone that he hates. Even if he did it once you will find that the way he does it is very different than the way others do it. While most friends will congratulate you warmly when you do a great job a hater will barley be able to do it
  • 2) body language signs of sadness when you succeed: When you do a good job or when you reach one of your goals a hater will be unhappy with the result. While listening to your story the hater might touch his nose (A body language sign which shows that a person doesn't like what's going on)
  • 3) He won't laugh at your jokes: Even if you said something really funny a hater wont be able to laugh at it unless he fakes a smile. This also extends to not liking your Facebook status or pictures. A hater won't like anything that you post even if it appealed to him (see also How to have a sense of humor)
  • 4) He will bad mouth you: Not every person who talks about you in your absence is a hater but when a person talks about you in such a way that motivates others to hate you as well then certainly he is a hater. (see Why do people talk about others)
  • 5) Will want to know your news: A hater will always want to know about your progress in life just to make sure that you are still suffering. You might find him asking too many detailed questions about you just to get to know whether you are happy or not
  • 6) Will display content when he finds you unhappy: While listening to your sad story the hater might touch his eyebrows (a body language sign that shows that a person is happy with what's going around) become more energetic or even smile
  • 7) Will try to warn you when you attempt to succeed: some haters will try to act like friends who care about you. Those are the ones who will usually try to warn you when you attempt to succeed in life or do something that they didn't manage to do (see Why do some people put others down)

Final words about haters and mean people

You must understand that in order to spot a hater you need to find all of these signs and in addition you need to make sure that this person is repeating them over and over.

Once you find that person the best way to deal with him is to act as if you don't notice him then use him without letting him know that you are doing so. In my article advice for dealing with mean people i said that you can always keep haters under control by acting as if you believe them while working on your other plans secretly.

Whether you like it or not you will come across mean people in your life and that's why learning how to deal with them is one essential life skill that you must aquire.

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