How to deal with someone who hates you at work

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to deal with someone who hates you at work

How can you deal with someone who hates you at work?
And how can you avoid being hated by your workmates?

each human emotion experienced is there to serve a certain purpose of protection to the person experiencing it. Our subconscious minds use emotions to motivate us to either seek certain rewards or to avoid certain punishments.

Now what does this has to do with dealing with someone who hates you at work?
Hatred is an emotion triggered by the subconscious mind in order to keep the person away from those who might cause him any kind of harm.

This means that when someone hates you at work you can make sure that his mind has recognized you as a potential threat to his well being. so how can you deal with that person who hates you at work?

Dealing with someone who hates you at work

why would someone's mind recognize you as a potential threat?
and why would someone hate you at work even if you did nothing bad to him?

In fact you might have done something really bad without noticing. If for example you appeared to be too brilliant to the extent that you made your college at work feel threatened then his subconscious mind will try to keep him away from you using the emotion of hatred.

So after all the person who hates you at work might be feeling so to protect himself and not because you are a bad person. A person can hate you at work out of jealousy, insecurity or even inferiority. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that someone can hate you at work just because you make him feel inferior whenever he sees you.

In order to deal with that person who hates you at work you must first find out the reason behind his hatred then neutralize it.

How to prevent people from hating you at work

Lets suppose that you discovered that someone hates you at work because he feels jealous of you. In such a case helping the person out with his work will ease his feelings of jealousy and so reduce his hatred towards you.

Its extremely important not to appear too brilliant in front of those who can't reward your brilliance and those who who might hate you for it.

Avoiding appearing too successful or intelligent not to make new enemies without noticing or to make many people hate you at work without doing anything wrong. Sometimes its even advisable to make few small mistakes in front of some people just to distract them from your real success.

Another useful tip you can use when dealing with someone who hates you at work is to not appear too ambitious nor to let him know about your future plans in order not to make him hate you for it even more when her compares your big dreams to his small ones.

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