How to stop hating people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to stop hating people

In my previous article I hate him I explained how hatred can be nothing more than an indication of weakness. If you had any other option other than hating a person you would have used it instead of hating him.

But do you know that you can hate a person just because he reminds you of someone you already hate? This is what I call the chain of hatred where you can hate lots of people just because of a single person!!

Hating someone because of someone else

Suppose you hated someone who was very tall and who used to speak quickly.
If one day you met a tall person who speaks quickly then most likely you are not going to feel comfortable dealing with him and you might prejudge him before you even talk to him.

As I mentioned in my previous article why is gossip bad prejudging can result in letting you find false clues that proves your judgment about a certain person true even if you were wrong.

This means that assuming that a person is bad and worth hating will lead you to finding false clues that will let you hate him as soon as you start dealing with him.

That example was very clear but in reality the two people wont look exactly the same but instead your subconscious mind will notice some similarities that you might not notice and the result will be hating someone you never knew before!!

How to break the chain of hatred?

If you hate person B because he looks like person A then you could hate person C because he looks like person B. Sooner or later you will find that you hate a very big number of people and the truth is that it just started with one person!!

In order to break the chain of hatred you must fix things with person A, the root cause of the hatred. I am not asking you to try to be friends with him or to be nice to him but you must examine your feelings of hatred and understand them.

If you hate him because he bullies you then its time to stop him or if he makes you feel insecure because he might get promoted instead of you then you must improve your skills at work so that you get rid of this hatred.

Hatred Is the last option your mind uses when all other options run out so make sure you revive the other options when you find yourself hating someone.

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