Dealing with someone you don’t like at work

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The truth about hatred

You might be thinking that in this article I will give advice on how to deal with those terrible people who bother you at work or those people you hate the most but what’s really going to happen is that I am going to tell you how to fix yourself if you hate someone!!

“Hatred is a defense mechanism used by your mind as a last resort after failing to apply any other practical solution”

If a robber stole your wallet, you might run after him and catch him then deliver him to the police or you might just hate him because you can do nothing about it other than hating them.

Hatred is usually an indicator of insecurity and it means that you feel threatened by the person you hate. If you hate someone then know that you are in a weaker position and that if you had any other option you wouldn’t have hated him.(see my article I Hate him)

Dealing with someone you don’t like at work

If you hate someone at work then this might be an indication that you are feeling insecure in your job.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that in order to deal with hatred you must understand why you are feeling threatened or insecure. Are you scared of losing your job because of him? are you afraid that he gets promoted instead of you? Or do you just hate the fact that he does nothing then leave the piles of work for you to do?

In all cases this means that you are either not sure of your abilities to perform well or that you are not assertive enough to ask him for your rights and this supports the fact that hatred usually stems from weakness.

If you want to get rid of the feelings of hatred and If you want to know how to deal with the people that you don’t like at work then know that the right thing you should do is to fix yourself and to strengthen your own position.

We don’t hate people but we hate the emotions we experience in their presence

When you say I hate driving it doesn’t mean that you hate cars but it might actually mean that you hate the stress associated with driving or that you hate the boredom you experience while driving alone.

We don’t hate objects or people but we hate the bad emotions we experience when they are around.

If you hate a person who bullies you then learning how to deal with him correctly will result in reducing the hatred you have towards him.

So in short, learn how to control the bad emotions a person induces in you and your hatred towards him will be reduced.

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