Why do people complement others

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people complement others

The key to understanding the people around you is to take a deep look inside yourself.

Ever tried to find out when and why you compliment others?

Most probably you will find that you compliment others when you don’t feel jealous of their achievements.

This means that if your compliment wasn’t going to threat your own competence then you will give it without thinking while if you felt that your compliment would make the other person appear much better than you then you might never give it.

Who gives compliments and why

Only a full glass can spill water out of it. If a person is already full or happy with his achievements then he won’t find any problems in complimenting others while if that person was full of self doubts then he would never compliment someone else.

When I was studying compliments and their causes I was focusing on the compliments people give to each other about their body shapes inside the gym. I found that people who compliment others inside the gym are either people who have already done a good progress in fixing their own body shape or are either people who don’t feel threatened to be less attractive than someone else.

On the contrary of those who compliment others are those who feel jealous and refuse to give a single compliment. In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how lots of the compliments you should be getting are being blocked by factors such as the jealousy of others.

If you feel that you don’t get the praise that you deserve then know that this praise might just be trapped inside the souls of those who feel insecure.

Only the strong complements others

I got a mail from one of my readers telling me that he hates to compliment or praise others because this makes them appear better than him. I answered my friend telling him that only strong people compliment others because they don’t feel threatened by their achievements.

If a person was feeling secure about his career he might give complements to others who work with him, in the same time if that guy didn’t have much faith in his socializing abilities he might not compliment popular people at all because this will remind him of his self doubts.

so Contrary to common beliefs complimenting others means that you are strong.

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