Why Being Jealous of Someone Can Make You a Racist

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What's the connection?

I am sure you are wondering what type of connection exists between jealousy and thinking that a black person is inferior to you just because you are white!

Just like objects change their direction of motion when a force is exerted on them, any force a human being gets subjected to affects his behaviour. This article will explain to you how the different forces a person gets subjected to affects his behaviour.

The next short story will show you how emotional forces impact the human behaviour.

Jane always wanted to become a famous TV reporter but she didn't manage to do it yet. One day while she was sitting with her friends in a public place she saw one of the people she knew on TV. It was her friend who was also starting her career in journalism.

Because the human mind has the tendency to compare itself to others Jane felt jealous of her friend. Jane knew she was jealous but she actually never understood why she started talking about blacks in a bad way for the next thirty minutes.

Why Being jealous of Someone Can Make You a Racist

Jealousy is a feeling that makes people feel less worthy than they truly are for a certain period of time. When Jane saw her friend on TV she felt like she had done nothing useful in life and that she was totally worthless.

These momentary feelings charged Jane with the desire to feel important once again at any cost. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that when a person gets charged with a certain emotion he usually seeks refuge in any defense mechanism that helps him ease that emotion.

In other words, Jane was eager to find a way to feel worthy once again so she started Gossiping about her friend and putting her down. By gossiping about her friend and making her look like she didn't deserve that success Jane was able to feel a bit better.

But because the emotions of jealousy were too powerful to disappear that quickly Jane started to look for other ways that can make her feel worthy like putting others down.

Jane was white so she started talking about blacks as if they were inferior to whites but the truth was that she was just trying to elevate her self worth because she felt worthless after comparing herself to her friend! (see also Are white people smarter than black ones?)

The dynamics of human behaviour

If you want to understand a person's behavior then you don't just need to understand his personality but you also need to be able to figure out the different emotional forces he gets subjected to.

Jane was acting more like a narcissist during that day not because she was a narcissist but because she was subjected to a powerful force that motivated her to act that way.

Racism, bullying, gossiping, aggression and many other bad behaviors might be no more than defense mechanisms people revert to when their egos hurt them.

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