Why you shouldn't be kind to women wearing pink!

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Kind? Pink? Huh?

Sounds like a strange title i know but by the end of the article i promise it won't.
Unlike men women's preference for attractiveness changes throughout the month. If you asked a man about the things he finds attractive in women then most probably his answer will be the same throughout the month. (see also How do women choose their mates)

Women change their attractivness preferences according to their menstrual cycle. Studies have shown that women become more attracted to masculine men when they are the most fertile and become more attracted to kind men during other parts of the menstrual cycle.

The masculine man isn't the one who has got the muscles but he is the one who perfectly demonstrates male masculinity by:

1) Acting like a leader
2) Being assertive
3) Not being a people pleaser
4) Focusing on his own needs
5) not being needy ...etc. (see also Why women find bad boys attractive)

Why you shouldn't be kind to women wearing pink!

During the other stages of the menstrual cycle women become more attracted to men who are kind, sensitive and caring.

This means that to keep your woman interested in you or to attract someone that you like you need to change your strategy through out the month.

Now the question is, how can you tell whether this is the time you should be more like a bad boy or a kind man?

The answer is pink!

A study has found that women are 3 times more likley to wear pink clothes when they are the most fertile. All women have lots of clothes in their wardrobe but the reason they pick something to wear on a certain day is that it reflects their psychological state on that day (and usually they are not aware of the reason that motivated them to make the choice)

So a woman wearing pink is more likley to get attracted to a bad boy than a kind loving guy.

How accurate is this?

When trying to attract a person you should understand that depending on one technique is a fatal mistake. The process of attraction is like the act of throwing darts, the more darts you throw the more likley you are going to hit the target.

So my advice is to learn as much as you can about the psychology of attraction then to put everything you learned into action.

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