How do bad boys treat women

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What is it like to be a bad boy?

If you have been reading articles about dealing with women then most probably you have been told more than once that women get attracted to bad boys and that they dump nice guys.

The problem with most articles that talk about being a bad boy is that they never give enough details. For example you might have read somewhere that a bad boy must take the lead but how can this be done exactly?

Because of the lack of articles that cover this topic in deep details i decided to write this article to show you exactly how a bad boy treats women. (see also How women choose their mates)

how do bad boys treat women

On the first encounter with a beautiful woman a nice guy would seem extremely delighted. His brows will be raised, there will be a smile on his face most of the time and he would be trying to joke all the time just to make her laugh. The nice guy would also try to compliment the woman whenever possible, take her number, add her on Facebook or arrange for another meeting. (see also Why nice guys don't get girls)

In other words, the nice guy would be chasing the woman in the first meeting even if he was not doing anything big. So how will the bad boy act like in such a meeting?

The bad boy won't be smiling that much and his opinion of the woman will never be clear. In other words the woman would never guess how the bad boy thinks. In my book How to make someone fall in love with you I said that unfinished business always keeps people thinking and motivates them to ask for more.

Because the bad boy will have a poker face most of the time the woman would be eager to know his opinion about her. When she jokes the bad boy might not laugh at all but he might actually tell her that the joke is not funny if he didn't like it. When the woman says something that bad boy might not give any response if he wasn't impressed. (see also The kind of confidence that attracts women)

The way a bad boy talks

The bad boy's responses depend on his personal needs and not on his desire to please others. If for example the woman told him something he might look at her and say "nice" without saying anything else. A bad boy might also test a woman's confidence by commenting on one of her belongings in a vague way. For example "so why did you like that bag? It looks a bit different".

As you noticed the bad boy doesn't give negative comments but instead he says words that can be interpreted both ways. When a person starts to become confused he thinks about the one who confused him more and what can be more confusing than a person who says things that can bear two meanings?

The bad boy is not a sensitive person by any means. If a woman said that she doesn't like the place they are sitting at he won't offer to change it but he might say something like "Try to enjoy it here". (see also How to become a bad boy without being bad)

General behaviour of bad boys

Bad boys don't get excited, their eyes won't shine and they won't start to fidget when they find that the woman is becoming interested in them. Instead they maintain a poker face that keeps women confused. (see also The secret to attract love)

When bad boys feel like doing something they don't ask for the woman's opinion but they just do it. A nice guy on the other hand will ask for permission in a shaky way. For example "Do you like to listen to rock music?" (see also Why nice guys finish last)

The bad boy on the other hand will play the rock music then tell the woman to adapt if she said that she doesn't like it.

If a woman wasn't interested in the nice guy he might keep trying because he can't withstand rejection. A bad boy on the other hand will dump her instantly and won't give her another chance unless she tries really hard.

These were just few examples to show you how bad boys treat women. Yes the bad boy is not that gentle guy you believed he would be but when it comes to attracting women he has the cutting edge.

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