why nice guys don't get girls

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why nice guys don't get girls

Why do nice guys always fail to attract the women they want?
Why do women prefer bad boys over nice guys?

A friend of mine called me once because she needed help to get over the guy she loves. She told me that the guy is jobless, doesn't have a career, beats her and treats her in bad way but she was still in love with him.

Why would a woman like a guy who abuses her?
In order to answer that question you first need to understand why bad boys are called bad boys. Bad boys are called that way because they are dangerous. As much attractive as they seem to be they still can mess up with your emotions and life.

Human beings love forbidden fruits or whatever is unattainable. The threat a bad boy posses to a woman's emotions make him seem like a very attractive forbidden fruit.

The nice guy on the other side seems like an easy game. As soon as an attractive woman displays interest in him he will become overly available until she loses interest.

Bad boys are attractive in a dangerous way and that's why they appeal to most women. Its the thrill of acquiring something that is really hard to get that fuels a woman's passion for a bad boy.

Tips to become a bad boy

I have spoken earlier about the bad boy personality traits and i will continue listing them here.

  • He Doesn't want to commit: Bad boys seem like they are not interested in commitment and this is another factor that makes them much more attractive to women. Women want to win the challenge and force that commitment phobic to get committed to them. The lesson you should learn here is to not appear so desperate for commitment else you will lose to the nearest bad boy available.
  • Not sensitive: A bad boy will say what he wants whenever he wants with disregard to who's listening. He is not sensitive to the emotions of others and he marches according to the sound of his own drum. This doesn't mean that a bad boy is a mean person but instead he is a one who puts his opinion first with disregard to the consequences (see also How to become an alpha male)
  • No self doubts: The bad boy doesn't have self doubts or at least he seems to have none. Even if you have doubts about something don't share this with women but instead do your best to appear as assertive and self assured as possible (see The kind of self confidence that attracts women)
  • Has an exciting life: Most bad boys have exciting and dangerous lives. Nice guys on the other hand are predictable and have boring ones. Always follow your passion and hobbies and refuse to be one more sheep in the herd. When you get involved in your own hobbies your life will become more exciting and this will be reflected in the way you talk

Be bad not mean

Some people get the idea of being a bad boy incorrectly and start being mean. In order to be a bad boy you don't have to be jobless or to beat your woman but instead you need to be both attractive and dangerous.

You can be bold without doing anything that is morally wrong and you can be super confident without putting others down. Its all about believing that you are too worthy to chase a woman.

women like winners and not just some loser who happens to be a bad boy. When you have a good career you will have good money and this will be reflected back in your self confidence.

Women certainly prefer bad boys over nice guys but a killer combination to attract most women will be a mixture of both nice and bad traits.

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