The kind of self confidence that attracts women

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why women prefer confident men

Am sure you were told hundreds of times that self confidence attracts women and that's 100 percent true. Women select mates based on different factors across many domains and One of the basic needs of most women is to feel secure. (see How do women choose their mates)

Because a confident man makes the woman feel safe and secure he is always considered much more attractive than all other men provided that all other factors are constant.

Now as much as i am sure that you are aware of these facts i am also sure that nobody ever explained how to display that kind of confidence that attracts women?

The kind of self confidence that attracts women

The recipe for that kind of confidence has many ingredients, here they are:

  • 1)A little bit of arrogance: Ask any woman whether she likes arrogant men or not and she will tell you that she doesn't, now act in an arrogant way and you will find her running after you. The kind of arrogance needed here is the one that makes the woman believe that you think that she is inferior to you. Talk to her like you are the president of your country and think of her as a desperate citizen who needs help. As much as this sounds mean still its the perfect way to make a woman believe that you are super confident
  • 2)A little bit of dominance: Most women fall for dominant men and find them extremely attractive. A dominant man is the one who takes charge and acts like a leader. Don't let her chose the table but instead tell her that you will sit here. Don't let her take the lead but instead move and let her follow you
  • 3) A little bit of aggression: When saying your opinion or when talking about yourself you need to be a bit aggressive without hurting anyone of course. Interrupt people who say anything that doesn't appeal to you and state your opinion assertively. (see also How to talk with confidence)
  • 4) A little bit of omnipotence: Most women hate weak men, get attracted to strong ones and chase omnipotent ones. In order to attract a woman make her think that you are superior, invulnerable and omnipotent. Remember how she reacted the last time you started saying that life is hard and that you feel weak? If you want to attract women then you need to attract some personal strength first. (a href="/power/How_to_be_strong_in_life">How to be strong in life)
  • 5) A little bit of lack of attention: Give women attention and you will get dumped. All women hate needy men except those who have ridiculously low self esteem. The more confident the woman you are trying to attract is the more will she hate needy men. Don't give her any attention and even act like she doesn't exist. This will motivate her to pursue you to find out what kind of man you are

Why do women think that way?

The funny fact is that many women might complain about some of the facts in this article but when they think about the kind of men they got attracted to in the past they will realize that they were attracted to those bad boys i am talking about.

Women use logic when discussing attraction but not when they get attracted to someone. Some women will want that mean man in order to tame him and so get a self esteem boost.

Others will want to attract that unavailable man because of the thrill of the challenge. In all cases women say something and do something else.

Be assertive and arrogant but don't be mean and you will attract most women. That's how it works.

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