How to become an alpha male

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to become an alpha male

In the animal kingdom the alpha male is the most powerful one, the leader of the pack and the one that protects them.

When it comes to human beings there are many traits that define an alpha male but the most important ones are charisma, dominance, leadership abilities,status and strength.

A alpha male doesn't only lead his friends but he also attracts the attention of women more than any other type of male. Since most women want protection they are usually attracted to dominant and charismatic males because they are the ones who can make them feel secure.

Becoming an alpha male will certainly help you earn people's respect, take command of your life and become more attractive that's why i decided that the topic of this article will be how to become an alpha male.

Becoming an alpha male

In order to learn any new behavior you need to put in mind that tiny gradual changes that happen over time are the ones that can result in very big behavioral changes after a while. So don't be impatient, don't expect fast results and prepare yourself psychologically by understanding that becoming an alpha male won't take a day or two but its a process that is going to take some time.

Here are the steps to become an alpha male:

  • Be Assertive: Assertive males are the ones who stand up for their rights, fight for what they believe in, never let go of their rights and are the ones who never let others step over them. The good news is that Assertiveness is a skill that can be learned in a short period of time. If you want to become assertive then check out my assertiveness guide
  • Stop caring about what people think of you: Alpha males aren't the ones who want people to know that they are alpha males. They just don't care about what people think of them. Alpha males do what they believe in and never try to prove to others that they are worthy. Some people do their best to please others because they care a lot about the way others think of them and that's why they never become alpha males. You might need to check How not to care about what people think
  • The most important trait: Self confidence is the most important trait of alpha males. If you managed to become self confident then you are already more than half way towards being an Alpha male. In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how confident people feel comfortable around others and so force others to be relaxed around them. This makes it easy for them to be respected and to lead people
  • Develop Charisma: An alpha male is a charismatic person. Before you can become an Alpha male you need to learn How to become charismatic
  • Develop your leadership abilities: You need to stop being a follower and to start becoming a leader. A leader is a person who believes in certain values and who never hesitates to lead people towards these values or goals. Conquer your fears, stop being passive and don't be afraid to say your opinion boldly. By doing so you will be so close to becoming an Alpha male
  • Be Bold: Don't try to please others with every word you say but instead be a little bold and unpredictable. Predictable people are considered boring since their moves are usually highly expected. In addition preventing yourself from being bold from a time to time will insure that some of your rights will be lost and that some people will step on you

Perfect example of an alpha male

Some people just get lost while reading online advice and that's why i will give you a live example that can help you understand how an Alpha male acts. The best and perfect example for an Alpha male i have seen lately is the role played by Chris Hemsworth in the movie cabin in the woods.

Focus on the scenes that Chris appeared on and you will notice that he was extremely self assured, totally in control and very dominant. There might be other good examples of alpha males out there but that one just explains the concept perfectly.

In short, to become an Alpha male be super confident, completely in control and dominant.

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