How to be charismatic

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to be charismatic

If you tried to search for tips for becoming charismatic online you will come across ones like be confident, trust yourself and smile. While these advice are nice still they would never help you become charismatic because they are vague, unclear and superficial.

In this article i will tell you how to really be charismatic by giving you 100% practical tips that you would easily be able to apply.

Charismatic = confident, so what?

Everyone will tell you that in order to become charismatic you must be confident, and while this is true, rarely anybody explains what this "Confident" word really means".

The type of confidence that is needed for charisma is based on two main pillars, here they are:

  • Lack of obsessions: If you are obsessed about your looks, your clothes or your personal flaws then your mind will be busy thinking about your inner world and you will never mange to be confident. In order to become really confident you must ignore the inner world and focus 100% on the outside world. This will make you mentally alert, allow you to think fast and to respond quickly
  • Lack of anxiety: Anxiety is usually caused by the fear of being judged. If your focus was directed towards the fear of being judged you will be shaky, anxious and far away from being charismatic (see Why do i feel anxious)

So how to be really charismatic? you need to build self confidence not by practicing confidence or acting like you are confident but by permanently fixing the root problems that are constantly shifting your attention to your inner world whenever you encounter people.

In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how affirmations, faking self confidence and hypnosis can never help you build self confidence before you fix what's wrong about yourself (in this case the root causes).

Am anxiety free, now what?

You are now more than half way to becoming charismatic because you have already been through the hardest part. What's remaining are few skills that can be learned by anyone and that only need some practice.

here are few tips that will help you appear charismatic instantly:

  • Loud and Clear Voice: Of course if you were feeling anxious you would never be able to control your tone of voice that's why i started this article by talking about anxiety. Charismatic people have loud and very clear voice. Practice your new voice at home until you reach the desired charismatic tone.
  • Charismatic body language: Both legs planted on the grounds, hands not in pocket, hands clasped, behind back or beside you, hands never crossed, back upright, shoulders stretched and wide footsteps. Stick to this body language gestures and you will appear charismatic. If you want the detailed explanation for them then checkout the body language section
  • Look people straight in the eye: Charismatic people look others straight in the eye. If your eye met the eye of a stranger don't shift your gaze right away but look at him for 2 seconds before shifting your gaze

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