Are white people smarter than black ones

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Are studies really reliable?

A study that was released claimed that white people on average are smarter than black people by few points on the IQ scale.

The study was performed by bringing a large number of white and black people then measuring their IQs by allowing them to take the same exact test. After the experiment the researchers started claiming that whites in general are smarter than blacks, but is this really the truth?

For the first instance studies might seem like solid proofs that support certain arguments but when you get to understand how humans think you might find that study results can get twisted to a great extent. (see also Are humans rational?)

Are white people really smarter than black ones

  • 1)The desire for superiority & Biased judgements: During some experiments people were asked to write down their race on the paper. In such experiments the person who was evaluating the tests got to know the race of the participants and in these tests blacks scored lower IQ than whites. Now when the same papers were handed to another researcher but without letting him know which paper belongs to which race both blacks and whites got similar scores! The conclusion is: Every person wants to prove that his race is superior to others and as a result they get to twist results whenever possible just to feel better about themselves
  • 2) Stereotypes Affect performance: Are women less smart than men? After all they get lower scores on math tests. It was found that women start to get lower scores in math as they get older because of the stereotype that gets imposed on them. When people get told that they are inferior to others in any way they start to put less effort and as a result their performance lags behind. Similarly when people were asked to write down their race on exam papers those who believed that they belonged to inferior races scored less marks. In other words, reminding a person that he is inferior to others in a way or another greatly affects his performance!(see also How stereotyping affects people)
  • 3) How can intelligence be measured?: IQ isn't fixed but it changes according to education and many other factors. It was found that people who take certain courses score much higher on IQ tests than those who didn't take these courses. Blacks might not be treated as fairly as whites in some countries and as a result they might not be getting the same quality of education as them. In other words you can't plant a seed in a bad soil then claim that it isn't growing well because it has bad genes (see also 5 ways to increase your intelligence)

Got disappointed?

If you are a white person then you might have gotten a bit disappointed after reading this article. After all we all want to feel that we are better than others and this is one of the root causes that lets people twist facts to support their beliefs.

Humans are anything but rational when they defend the beliefs that matter to them. They might do many irrational things just to keep a belief that matters to them intact.

IQ can be improved by allowing yourself to get proper education provided that you don't believe that you are inferior to anyone.

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