Why do some people like celebrity gossip

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people develop certain hobbies and interests

Why do some people like celebrity Gossip?
Why do some people get attracted to certain news headlines?
Why do some people like to watch bad news?

While the answers to all of these questions might seem different still there is one thing that connects them all.

When we feel hungry we look for food that can help us get rid of the feelings of hunger, However, in many cases we don't look for any kind food but instead we go for the food that contains the nutrients that our bodies need the most. Ever felt like you want to eat an apple and nothing else?

This happens because your body knows that it needs the nutrients in an apple. Just like we experience hunger for food we also experience emotional hunger. Human beings always find themselves motivated to pursue things that can help them satisfy their emotional hunger.

And because each person's emotional hunger is unique people develop different hobbies and interests. The conclusion you should have reached by now is that the love of a certain type of news stems from the emotional needs each person has.

who do some people like celebrity gossip

Assuming that all people read celebrity news for the same reason is a big mistake as each person has a different kind of hunger. Here are few examples that can help you understand why do people like to read such news:

  • Jealousy: Its hard not to feel jealous of celebs, after all they seem to have it all. Now how do you think a jealous person will feel like when he realizes that this famous celeb he was unconsciously jealous of is actually too short? This person will certainly feel good about himself after believing that he found something that he is better than this celebrity at
  • To feel good: Why do you think a person would be interested to read about a certain celeb who's life is on the verge of collapsing as a result of drug abuse? People feel good about themselves when they know that others suffer. When the person who suffers is a famous star people get a stronger dose of good emotions. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that people read about the suffering of celebs to feel good about their own lives
  • Ambition: Some people get fascinated by the lives of celebrities and so wish to be like them. When those people get to read about celebrity news they feel more eager to become one of them. In other words those people unconsciously motivate themselves by reading such news
  • Because they identify with them: Some people love certain celebrities because they identify themselves with them. Its not uncommon for a black guy to like a black celeb just because he feels that the success of that celeb is something that makes their whole race look competent (see also How psychological identities affect behaviour

We read the news to satisfy our emotional needs

Those were just few reasons that motivate some people to read such news but in real life you will usually find hundreds of reasons. When a person holds a newspaper or a famous magazine his emotional needs determine the headlines he will find interesting.

While that person might be thinking that he is enjoying the news for no reason his subconscious mind will be directing him to the right pieces of news that can help him satisfy his most important emotional needs.

The next time you find yourself reading the paper try to link your emotional needs with the interesting titles you found. If you did this you will get to understand yourself more.

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