Understanding the unconscious symbols

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What are the unconscious symbols

Ever wondered why dreams come coded into symbols?
Did you ever find yourself confused because you have a phobia of a harmless object?

It was found that the subconscious mind thinks in the form of symbols unlike the conscious mind which doesn't need to code things into symbols in order to understand them.

So what's the point of understanding such Symbols?
Here are few of the benefits you will gain if you managed to understand the symbols of your subconscious mind:

  • 1) Interpreting your dreams: You will never be able to interpret a dream before you understand how your subconscious mind codes the daily life events into symbols. Each mind does that in a different way and that's why the same symbol could have a different meaning based on the person who dreamed of it (see also How to interpret your dreams)
  • 2) Understanding your fears: There are two kinds of fear, the fear of a something that you understand such as the fear of a lion and the fear of something that you don't quit understand such as the fear of darkness. In the later case the person usually feels afraid because something reminds him of some subconscious signals that resembles danger. For example, a woman could fear a cat because her subconscious mind uses cats to represent other women. In other words if this woman feels jealous of other women then she might fear cats because they unconsciously remind her of her enemies
  • 3) Understanding many of the psychological disorders: Some psychological disorders can be easily understood and treated once you decode the symbols your subconscious mind uses. A person could develop an excessive hand washing disorder (OCD) just because he feels guilty and by washing his hands more often he feels more clean or pure. That was just a simple example to show you how such symbols can be the key to understanding certain disorders

Understanding the unconscious symbols

So how can you understand the subconscious symbols?
The first thing you need to do is to stop using the meanings of the symbols that others provide because each mind is a different case.

Many people for example use dream interpolation symbols that are found online without realizing that each person's mind symbols are totally different than the symbols of other people.

Here is how you can use a dream to understand many of the symbols your subconscious mind uses: (see also Dreams and personality disorders)

  • 1) Find the connections: When you see a dream try to connect what you saw to the recent events that took place in your life or to the current problems you are dealing with. Most dreams will be nothing more than a reflection of what's already going on in your life in the form of symbols. In other words, your subconscious mind was thinking about your problems while you were asleep but it does it in its own way. (see also Dream interpretation tips)
  • 2) The whole dream must match reality: Don't try to interpret every symbol on its own but instead all the symbols in your dream must match a situation that you have been through. For example, if you had a private business and that business was suffering because of the economy then seeing yourself sailing through a storm might be the way your subconscious mind sees that situation
  • 3) Use the symbols to interpret your psychological disorders: If a dog in your dreams represented your enemy then your fear of dogs might have nothing to do with dogs themselves but rather with your doubts about your ability to face your real enemies. (See also dreaming about someone)

Final words and important considerations

Many people fail to understand their minds because they follow the footsteps of others without allowing themselves to understand their own mind symbols.

The process is not simple and it can't happen in day or two but if you followed the rules strictly you will end up having a solid understanding of the way your mind codes events into symbols. Good luck!

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