Why some people like pain

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why some people like pain?

Why some people like pain?
Why some people like to suffer?
Don't we all want to feel good?
Why do some people want to feel bad?

For the first instance those questions might seem really strange, After all we all know that everyone wants to be happy so how come can some people like pain?

But when you get a deeper understanding of psychology and the human nature you might find that some people unconsciously chose to experience pain in order to prevent themselves from experiencing an even bigger pain.

Confused yet? Then read this article to know why some people like pain.

This is why some people like pain

Below are some stories that will help you understand why some people like pain whether its physical or emotional:

  • I am a hero: Brad's life was messed up. He had many problems that he can't solve and he was far away from reaching any of his dreams. As a result brad felt worthless. But suddenly his subconscious mind came up with a brilliant idea to save his self worth and to make him feel better about himself. Why not make him believe that he is a hero because he has lived through all this pain? And at this point and without understanding why Brad started to like pain not knowing that it was the method his mind uses to elevate his self wroth
  • Its not my fault: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that sometimes people like pain because it provides them with a great escapement method from responsibilities. Justin always liked to listen to sad music and to feel bad. Not because he loves to suffer but because suffering was the proof he uses to reassure himself that his problems are the result of the cruelty of fate. This allowed him to avoid takinng responsibility for them. Justin liked pain because it made him feel good about himself
  • Liking pain and lack of courage: Some people spend their whole lives hesitating. Whenever they attempt to improve their lives they stop shortly and return back to the starting point. Those people are cowards but admitting this fact will certainly damage their self esteem. Scott was one of them and because he didn't want to feel bad about himself he decided to like pain and to enjoy suffering. By doing this he always had the excuse "If i wasn't suffering that much i would have reached my goals". The truth is that he was using suffering as an excuse to hide his cowardliness
  • Enjoying physical pain: some people enjoy cutting their bodies with knifes or harming themselves in a way or another. For the first instance those people might seem mad but when understanding that physical pain makes them feel much more in control the riddle is solved. Most of those people don't have any control over their lives and so they use physical pain to restore the sense of being in control (because they choose the place and the intensity of the pain, see Understanding self harm)

Do you like pain?

What about you?
Do you enjoy pain?

If your answer was yes then its time to be brave. Its time to get out of the lie you have been living in since years. Its time to realize that you are using your love for pain and suffering as an excuse to hide something else that you don't like about yourself.

After studying psychology for 11 years i discovered that many of the psychological disorders can be dealt with by developing one personality trait which is Courage. (see What is real courage)

This is why some people like pain.

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